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Magic Cat

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I looked at a bunch of halloween themed paintings you made and I was thinking about using them to create a lil movie, lol. It would be so cute, with this kitten as the main character. I mean we have all seen the wizards and their stories...but what about their pets.... The story of a small kitten who has to stop an evil warlock in the form of a cat. Lol I come up the craziest (cutest) things.
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Not into seasonal themes like this, but your kitty is very cute and this is one of the better Halloween themed things I've seen in a long time.  :) 
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Thanks my friend
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Very cute and adorable!:)
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Thanks my friend :)
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You are very welcome!:D
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Cute and adorable. :)
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Thanks a lot!
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Love this! I saw this on FB on a witch page. Thank goodness your name was still on it. :whew: Adore the kitty but the rat pumpkin carving really grabbed my attention. Remarkable work! Do you have any tutorials or progress videos on YouTube I can check out?
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thank you my friend
unfortunately I haven't shoot video
I have to draw quickly
so I don't have enough time
I found this picture as it's just come up as a t-shirt on Teezilly (…) and absolutely loved it.

I just wanted to make sure you were aware of this and they aren't profiting from your image.
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thanks for your concern
I wrote to the store and asked to be removed from sale picture
I'm glad it was helpful. :-)
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Adorable!!! Great picture!!!
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Thanks so much :)
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im with u on that one. I LOVE CATS!
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thank you
happy HalloweenHalloween Pumpkin 
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What a lovely cat with such an attentive look in her eyes.
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Thanks so much!!
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