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I was trying to think of what to do with green cardstock, and *bcbdrums suggested a Borg. Well, I decided on Locutus...

I'm not exactly pleased with the results, and yet I am. Confusing? Well, I like it overall, but I think I did a better job with most of the shading on the Batman picture (although there are a few places I particularly like here). I like the job on his left eye (your right) on its own, but overall I don't think the piece looks like Patrick Stewart... :doh:

I tried, at least. I could've done it with pencil and pen and actually had it looking more like him, most likely, but I wanted something like charcoal so it would pop.
It also didn't help that I didn't find any really good screencaps. :[ His right eye was hard to see...why do I keep picking caps that have hard to see eyes.... :XD: I found two and worked from those as well as I could...

I got lazy around the neck area and suit. Yeah... I did those last. XD

The place where his...laser-pointer some of that same fake blood I made years ago that I also used on the picture of Dwight as Dave Davis...

I won that contest for that gift card, and would like to maybe buy some more coloured cardstock with it. :w00t: It's just fun. I'm going to have to start trying to wear a mask, though, when doing charcoal--it's getting in my sinuses and giving me splitting headaches.

Also, as a little note, yes, the date says "Oct. 17, 20011." It was an accident, but the signature is gel pen, so it wasn't correctable and I forgot to do so before I uploaded it. :laughing:

Materials: Green cardstock, charcoal pencils, charcoal white, and a little bit of free time.

Locutus of Borg © CBS/Paramount

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To be honest I think it's a damned good take on what is a complicated subject for a portrait.  There's nothing I can see which looks out of place or out of proportion.  Also, I've never been able to work out why some borgs' pipping goes back into odd places on their body.  I mean...the chin, really?  What the hell could they implant in the chin which is that important?!
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Thank you!  Yes...The Borg are such an odd race to draw.  The only one I would guess to be harder, I suppose, would be Klingons...but I haven't attempted that yet, so I'm not sure.  :XD:

I tend to think that the makeup artists were just having waaaaaaay too much fun and didn't want to stop. =P
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good job awesome well made
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Whoa, gorgeous! Patrick Stewart can be hard to get right, you definitely nailed it. I love it.
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Thanks~! :D Glad you like it!
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Looks awesome, although I have no clue who this is...never heard of Borg. XD

I almost mentioned that his left cheek was strangely bulging near the bottom but DUH. THERE'S A TUBE GOING INTO IT. XDDDD
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Thanks. XD
Borg are a race from Star Trek... They're composed of different humanoids, but started out likely as just one race of humanoids...and they all share a collective mind via their cybernetic implants... And have other cybernetic implants all over them to give them higher sensory, thought, defence, and offensive capabilities... They're scary. XD
Locutus is the designation given to Captain Picard when they kidnapped him and assimilated him............>> That was a two-part, epic, awesome eps...

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Oooooooooooooooooooooooh. IT'S ALL CLEAR TO ME NOW. Scary, but kinda cool.... hee hee hee.
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Star Trek TNG is love. :love:
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i love it. really, like...the job you did on his facial details is amazing. they're all so realistic, look just like him...except in borg form :XD: think the mouth , chin, throat, wrinkles...all look especially good. really realistic. the eyes are great too. it really looks like him. i can't quite decide what he's thinking though... it's either...borg detachment, or...the sadness that he had to go through it all... i think XD it really does look like him, especially in the eyes.
as for all the borgy, "borgy" XD typo... *ahem* as always, the detail is impressive. zoomed out, it's all visible, and then zoomed in it's like...whoa :wow: the metal all looks really got the right amount of shine, perspective... it's really cool. and the corrugated tubing--how did you have the patience for that?? XD it's incredible :D it looks sooooo real... *ow ow ow dying from typing* and scary... it's all just your attention to detail will never cease to amaze me. you see things no one else ever sees... *stares at the amazing differences in all the textures* you are...charcoal genius. yes. it's all all those highlights...i'm serious, amazing work. it looks so great :happybounce:
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Not so much just like him, no. XD
Thanks. :)
I think it's...a mixture of the detachment and sadness. XD Kind of like how he cried as he was getting changed.
Borgy. XD

The tubing isn't so much of 'patience'... All I did was shade it black, shade it a bit more, and draw black lines on one side, white on the other. xD Easy.
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