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A-Team Shirt - Back Design



This is the back-design I did last year for this t-shirt design:

Do not attempt to use this commercially, as it is of a copyrighted property. Comment if you use!
Bullet brushes, I believe, from Obsidian Dawn.

A-Team © NBC/Universal

For more A-Team art, visit my A-Team gallery folder by clicking here.
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© 2012 - 2022 KaizokuShojo
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this would look good on black or gray i think... but i don't think i'd wear it xD i just...can't stand t-shirts that have text on them... i'm not a walking advertisement... and things like this also say what kind of personality you have, what you're into, etc... like, example, a girl at school has a shirt that says "huge tracts of land" on the front (monty python reference) and it's like...okay...funny...but...not really... and as awesome as a-team is, i'm not like any one of them really XD if i wear a slogan on a shirt it has to represent me or something i want to talk about---ARGH the one is ringing forever here why????? *leaves* *had little else to say and was just rambling anyway*