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I cannot believe that Otakon is in just a few days!
I am rushing to get props and costumes touched up last minute.
Since I can never keep to a cosplay schedule, I will just say that I will be RED Pyro again (with some new additions to the costume) and I will be debuting the long awaited and finally (nearly) completed Lilith from Borderlands.
If you are one of my watchers and going to Otakon, feel free to call me out :)
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So much fun seeing you at otakon this year, and this time getting to cosplay with you as another pyro ^_^
From what few photos  we've found on the internet so far all of my friends keeps saying they LOVE your cosplay (especially your towering pillar of hats) XD
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Thanks! It was definitely a lot of fun, and it was nice seeing so many other people cosplay Pyro.  Unfortunately I have not found many pictures of my cosplays from this year--Pyro or Lilith. :/
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I finally found a few ones from the pyro photoshoot (including the ginyu force pose, which has a 90% chance of becoming my new fb banner). Most pictures usually don't get up until a few weeks after the con though, so I'm sure you'll find some of you sooner or later ^_^
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Wish I could go this year :( BUT MAGFEST WILL BE GREAT TOO
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I wish I was going this year but i can't :c *sadface*