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TF2 Dealers Room

More Katsucon 2012 pictures i forgot to put up.
Medic--no account

Thanks to the unkown photographer who took the picture for us :)
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I'm currently putting together a Sniper Cosplay (although, I do have a few things to get in order for my outfit to be completed)

At the moment, I'm going to get Sniper's patches which designed myself to be ordered and then stuck onto my shirt sleeves

I do have a some Props for Sniper, 2 jars of Jarate and an Australian Flag (you can find all my Sniper Cosplay stuff in my gallery)

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I spy Seamus in the back lol
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Does the team allow new recruits because i'm a very good engineer
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Oh my goodness.. Finally a good demo!
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Im a big fan of TemFortress2 and its a very good cosplay

Continue boys and girls keep ur passion forever ;)
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XD you and Aniki make the perfect pyro and scout!
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why thank you nemesis :)
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Excellent français, madame :3
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Well, Garry's mod crashed big time, had to close everything.
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Toilet roll tube scout ^^
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lol. yeah, i had a REALLY limited budget for the con, especially after spending over 80$ on my costume and flamethrower. So i was just being resourceful ^^. It actually turned out better than I though considereing I had a week to figure out how to make it. I think for next year, I'm going to remake it with PVC and spraypaint
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Cool! I've never been to a con, ever. I'm kinda stuck cause i live in the UK, theres not many things like cons to do. There has probably been one in loondon, im not sure. And i hardly get any money to buy good clothes for a cosplay...
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aw that sucks :(
eBay is really good for finding things to use for cosplay. Thrift Stores are good too.
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Those are all pretty legit - they look pretty close to the ingame counterparts. This fact is especially impressive for the pyro and demo, but they're all great.
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Thank you so much. We worked really hard on the costumes. Props especially
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You have a demoman, you automatically are better than other cosplay groups
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lol. true. not often do you find a good demoman cosplayer
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Dat Pyro :heart:

:3 Looks lovely!

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XD sure! we could use a sniper for our group
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I have to work on an australian accent.

I'm french canadian irish scottish english.

Everything, exept a freakin' australian accent. If I keep working on it, I might come to a con as a sniper one day. Maybe I'll get in of your pics, take of my hat, and wave.

"Thanks for standing still, wanka!"
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Keep working at it :D hope to see you at a con someday.
"Right on ya, mate!"
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