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Pyro Toku Sentai

This was definitely my favorite part of the Valve shoot at Otakon 2013. It was great being surrounded by so many good Pyro cosplays :)

Left Pyro :iconscheherazadecomics: 
Front Pyro with Hats :iconkaizoku501:
Right Pyro :iconkreevox:

Other Pyros...please tell me who you are so I can give you credit

Photographer: spiceinthecoffee1
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Mmmph MMMMMMMph!
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The Ginyu Force! no The Pyro Force!
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When you're stuck with a team that has no idea what they're doing during a robot attack xD
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only looking at this now XD
I was the pyro on the left, also I was the only pyro at the photoshoot on friday this year XD



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(I'm the pyro on the left)

Also my favorite part of otakon. So being pyro again next year (and this year for Halloween) ^_^

All my friends who have seen this picture have said your cosplay was their favorite XD

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GENIUS!!!!!!! XD Made my day!!!
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I'm the one on the far right with the Little Buddy hat.
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Thank you :) 
I shall add your name
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How the hell did I miss this?!

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all of them pyro's
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I don't think I can like this enough...!!!
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Thank you for this. <3
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You pyros always know how to make the shoots memorable
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