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This was my midterm project for my Computer Graphics class.
Can't go wrong with steampunk pirates ;)
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I love your manga.
When are you going to continue?
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thank you :3
i wasn't sure if anyone was still reading it.
I'm currently working on it. I should be uploading more pictures in August
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Great character designs :) the steampunk pirate has totally boss facial hair, and I like the girl's expression and ponytail. Nice background colors too :D
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thank you. :)
they're characters from my manga series
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I assume there are on some pirate steampunk barge. I think you should draw one. The character on the right, I love her facial expression, red hair & goggles.
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thank you. I'm glad you like it.
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Hmm, the red hair, goggles, and weapons. Wonder where you got the idea for Amelee? lol
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Please resubmit to historic costumes, as that is not a real pirate captian from history.
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So Epic Nemeshish!
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why thank you nemesis
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who's the girl? is she a character in your Kaizoku manga
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does she have a name yet?
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i see. can't wait to see her manga debut
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