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My Little Pony Tirek Breezie


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Actually made this one the day of the season finale.  Never quite got around to uploading it.
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
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AligonRuler's avatar
Probably even funnier if he were breezie size!😂
PerryPickny's avatar
Oh my god this is so adorably evil/funny XD
Dark-Mountain-Queen's avatar
he looks sweet fuck...
ItsfromPeople's avatar
This. Is. Priceless.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Ponies are too tough, go conquer the breezies. :)
assasinkenway's avatar
he lost all his masculinity XD
You know he's a good villain when even as a Breezie he looks awesome.
Gerbsterpers's avatar
I laughed out loud at this- it's just too awesome- I favorited it
PickFairy's avatar

TorturedArtist745's avatar
Aw, he's the most adorable evil conquerer ever.
TexasUberAlles's avatar
"fear my tiny little wrath!"
Krash42's avatar
"Pdweindesssz Tdwiilight Szpwuahkual!!!!!!"
skybard's avatar
So I guess this is what happens when Tirek steals Breezie magic.

Love this pic. Very amusing!
mr100dragon100's avatar
Hes not a brezze hes a moth 
bbasco2's avatar
He better hope he's not a moth!
Otherwise he'll be stuck flying in circles, trying to chase his flames!
mr100dragon100's avatar
I know right that would be funny to see though
Corsair43's avatar
What a disturbing, yet hilarious, idea.
Peternators's avatar
Okay.. He looks ver weird as a breezie, and i've played Final Fantasy 13 and saw the Bosses like Barthandelus and Ophan.
Rayder3d's avatar
He is so evil, terrifying and damn cute.
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