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Love your style!! <3

Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1]

Love your work you've got some awesome pieces here! ♥️

Someone has Kaizerin email or private contact pls? I need to buy his illustration and need some license information.



Hello Kaizerin. I've seen some of your Artwork on FNAF And I think they look great.

BTW, I heard a few years ago that we were gonna get an FNAF Movie Which I think sounds cool. IDK If it can work, but I think it would be a great idea for a Horror Movie if done correctly.

If we get an FNAF movie adaptation in the future, I have A few ideas of how It should go:

The 1st Plotline features Mike Schmidt working his first week at the 1990's Freddy's location, Which will be The FNAF 1 Location. He eventually figures out that something's not right with the animatronics when he sees them acting up and learns about it From the Phone Guy. So while he investigates what's going on stuff is going in The Restaurant tries to survive 5 Long nights.

My idea for why Mike keeps going back for his 5 Nights is because Some of the parents that go to the restaurant want Him to search for their missing kids, which he couldn't turn down but eventually finds out about A 5 Missing Children report during his Dayshift which William Afton (The Restaurant Owner and secretly the Murderer) keeps turning down and claiming that he didn't know where they went.

The 2nd Plotline features a Detective Character who would explore the history of Fazbear Entertainment in an attempt to expose them as the criminally shady company they secretly are. I thought that the detective character could also have ulterior motives, like when he experienced one of his children getting lost In The restaurant because Of a certain someone refusing to have the Police investigate.

Mike Schmidt and The Detective discover stuff related to murder, but not finding out about the animatronics "possession" just yet. Both characters suspect that William was behind the 5 children going missing, but we are never explicitly told or shown any evidence to verify that, although both of them are keeping an eye on him.

On the 5th/Final night, the two plots converge with the Detective learning Mike Schmidt's Job experience during his 5 Long Nights, so he decides to help Him with his nightshift to investigate. The detective and Mike then have to survive from the animatronics together.

My idea for the climax is Mike and The Detective character finding out William Afton was behind the 5 Kids going missing and lying to the Families who lost them. They also find out the Animatronics was possessed and weren't the monsters the 2 think they would be.

The spirits of the dead children gang up on William for what he did to them and decide to use the Spring-lock Suit to attack the Detective and Mike. William Afton would have the upper hand on them both at first, but Mike ends up causing the spring-lock incident (The cutscene from FNAF 3 ending) accidentally. I think That'd be one hell of a climax and would be the earned shock after seeing a lot of vague imagery from The Murderer's death.

After the 5th nightshift is over, He gets sealed up into the wall. After the 5 long nights towards the end of the movie, Mike Schmidt manages to receive his paycheck, and the Detective collects all his findings and learns the incidents of The first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location, so both characters win.

Sometime after I came up with this idea, I tried to think of potential plots for the second and third movies as well. One idea I have right now is the Detective being a kind of connective secondary character, who would be present in the next upcoming movies despite not being the night guard in any of them but wanting to investigate Fazbear Entertainment. 

I'm not sure how good that idea of a connective secondary character is, but I thought it would have a bit of potential. What do you think of my FNAF Movie idea if we get one?

I wanted to let you know I had used your "lets eat" bib for, well, chicas bib in a page of my comic series, "Banishing the Literature Club". I made sure to credit you and put a link to your channel. Here's the page if you want to see it:  Banishing the Literature Club - Sayori Page 3 by Foalies
If there are any problems with this please let me know!

I can't believe you were the first person to give me a llama...
So like, I just found out that this same person gave me my first llama and I was about to mention it to them and then I saw your comment