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I really haven't had much to show lately. So here are the highlights. XP

- I've taken on redoing the fonts I've been working on...AGAIN!

Yes again! I got the uber expensive FontLab Studio since my last post. It's kind of prone to crashing on Windows and has a learning curve to it. They're currently working on a new which is more streamlines and had more kickass features. Sadly for me they're doing a Mac-first development and haven't released a Windows build.

In the meantime I've been sticking to High-Logic's FontCreator and it's direct drag-n-drop Illustrator conversion. I've also been redoing the fonts in a higher definition. Previously I was using 720pt as a base, now I'm starting with a 2048pt document. I've gotten some really good results and better quality glyphs as a result. I also still have old CorelDraw files to redo in AI as well, but when I get a spurt of creativity going I knock out a big pile of glyphs in one go.
Screenshot 2016-10-23 13.31.33 by KaizenNeko Screenshot 2016-10-10 18.26.29 by KaizenNeko

Also regarding fonts I unearthed my old Intuos3 tablet, calibrated it, and have been messing around in PaintTool SAI with it. Natch the first thing I do is start doodling letters. This opened up a whole slew of ideas for fonts. I know, I know!
Screenshot 2016-10-30 12.01.27 by KaizenNeko

- I've been kind of bankrupt for ideas.
Nothing unusual there considering, though it seems my bad days outnumber my good days.

Recently I've been trying to get more back into the things I used to enjoy. I've been watching Picarto streams a lot and have been getting some ideas brewing. That's mostly what got me to unearth my tablet in the first place. I've also had some ideas for Infinite Unreality, my dead community site, recently as well. I was going to do something similar in theme to what I did for my personal logo (below) but now I'm considering something RADICALLY different. :3
Screenshot 2016-10-17 19.25.23 by KaizenNeko
I made a post on my site and I'm not going to cross-post the whole thing it here. That's mostly to keep things tidy.
I had my system disk get a virus and trying to fix it I managed to BSOD Windows 8.1. It gets really sad when that happens, as in it has a giant :( on the screen.

So, I tried to boot from my Windows 7 drive I still had around. However the boot loader was corrupt, the MFT was trashed, and it had bad sectors. So I managed to get it recovered so I could backup my files and deactivate programs (which I should have done before installing Windows 8 the first time).

Then I had to wipe my Windows 8 disk and reinstall everything...again.
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Only 12% of my data from the drive that crashed could be saved (see previous journal post). I've actually been working getting some things back to they were before the crash, so I might have something new to show in the near future.
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I've been out of commission for about a week due to my computer decided to melt down. I've been trying to recover 3 years/1TB of data from a drive that got fried and have been holding off reloading a bunch of stuff until I find out if I'm screwed or not.

Death toll: 1 power supply. 1 motherboard. 1 processor. 2x4GB RAM sticks. 2 blu-ray recorder drives, 4 harddrives.
This has been bugging me for a while. It's only a small thing but I HATE when folks post stuff on DA and either: A. Put nothing in the description; B. give everything the same title; or worse, BOTH.

If YOU can't be bothered to write a little something, then why the hell even post it at all? Furthermore SINCE you can't be bothered; I can't be bothered to favorite, share, or comment.
Going through my submissions and updating them to have nicer previews, better PNG compression (where applicable), and using 7Zip instead of regular ZIPs to get the file size's down.
Just a quick thought...

Since DA is doing this contest on Tim Burton's comedic remake of Dark Shadows, I think it would be also nice to see folks posting stuff with Jonathan Frid's Barnanas.

For those that don't know, Frid was the original Barnabas from the 60's version.…
Yeah, I just really haven been up to making much stuff to put up here on ol' DA. Been kind of caught up with watching Let's Plays, playing Minecraft & Perfect World, and just being frozen with my creativity.

I did upload 2 wallpapers today, both of Lina Inverse from Slayers. :3
ODN Wallpaper - Lina Inverse 1 by KaizenNeko ODN Wallpaper - Lina Inverse 2 by KaizenNeko

Edit: Woah, didn't notice my premium membership was expiring in 4 weeks. So I just burned some of my points and extended another 3 months. I would have gone for a longer period, but eh I'll worry about that next time I get close to expiring.

I also reset my page back to default. It was feeling a bit cluttered.
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Okay I've uploaded one thing since my last post (a stamp).

Everything settled down again, I just haven't had the desire to work on much.

I plan to get Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 when it comes out, but I still haven't really began to touch 3/5 of the stuff that came with CS5.

Oh well.
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The past three months have not been fun.  The start of June, I shattered my kneecap at work. While I was unable to use my bed, renovation began on my bathroom and bedroom. I spent almost 2 months with my leg immobilized and the past 4 weeks in therapy (more to go).

Right now I can get around on my own somewhat, but have no strength in my leg so I still hobble around or have to walk with my knee locked in a brace.

Renovation is still on going so I've now been stuck sleeping in an easy chair in the den and have ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVACY AT ALL.

Then I found I probably had the ZeuS Botnet Trojan and low-level formatted my drive. Then I found out my Adobe CS5 is buried somewhere in the mess caused by the reno and is inaccessible.

So I have not been having a good summer.

Hopefully the reno will be done soon, so I can finally have some time to myself and regain some sanity.
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Not really been active doing much graphic design as of late, but I've grabbed myself a copy of Adobe Master Collection CS5, stepping WAY up from my meager *cough* Web Premium CS3.  It's taking a little while to get used to since I skipped over CS4 and I'm also finding that a lot of the plug-ins I like to use DO NOT WORK in the 64-bit edition of Photoshop.  Mind you I haven't upgraded them since they came out either so that's to be expected.

Mostly if you've been reading my tweets, it's due to a crushing workload at work that I've just been out of it as far as creativity.  Just too damn tired.  :P

I do have a little something I've been working on in bits I think y'all will like.  It's a classic Windows inspired wallpaper pack, but right now I'm lacking ones for Windows 1&2, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.  I have dug up one for Windows XP that is a high-resolution version of Bliss from over at Neowin, but I'm not sure if I'll include it.  I'm also not sure if I'll be including one for Windows Vista either since I'm still kind of a noob when it comes to PS and have had little success of late doing a personal version of the aurora themed wallpaper that comes with Vista.

Until then.
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It seems like the stamp version I did of Pink Floyd: The Wall has been pretty popular.  So, I figure I might as well put up the wallpaper that I made it's based on. :)

It will include SD, HD, and dual HD screen versions in various sizes.  Look for it soon. :meow:

Edit:  IT has been posted as of Feb 8. [LINK]
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Well it was a nice visit to the to Washington, but the actual GETTING THERE and COMING BACK parts were horrendous.  We were delayed at baggage check-in so we ended up having to reschedule a later flight, sitting in the food court of ATL for EIGHT HOURS.  Then the flight was cramped, choppy, and overall unpleasant.  Coming back was better until ATL lost my bag and still has no clue to where it is at.  And I caught a cold right before coming back so I'm pretty goddamn miserable.

F-ck Delta, f-ck Atlanta Airport, f-ck flying.
I'm gone for a week in Washington (State) on vacation.
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I have a personal policy of not :+fav:faving people who have not :+fav:faved me or who I have not spoken with before.  However this doesn't mean I don't have a list of people who I regularly check their galleries.  So I though I'd put together a list of those I currently have bookmarked.

:iconcrybringer: :iconhorus-goddess: :iconkaizeru: :iconchalodillo: :iconkianjimenez: :iconneolucky: :icontobiasroetsch: :iconteruchan: :icontoounit: :icondark-razvan: :iconangelofhapiness: :iconaidontknow: :iconlovelydagger:

Edit, had angelofhapPiness instead of angelofhapiness.  Note the missing "P".
...other than what I need to be working on. :P

I've dabbled in fonts, never really got any to a point where I felt comfortable releasing them.  But this one might be my first.

"Paisano! ODN" is of course based on the classic Mario Bros. and NEW Super Mario Bros. logos.  A lot of upper-case characters were taken from the game manual, some were ignored and I made my own, and all of the lower-case letters are custom.
Okay I didn't change the ODN logo like I said, but I cleaned up all of the past submissions previews and did some renaming.

Also managed to throw in two more remade older icons of mine in the process.
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I'm going to be updating the preview images for the stuff I have up now to use a different font set other than Segoe, as well as update the ODN logo.  Also, I just might have something new to add here soon as well as updates for stuff from my old account. :)

I really need to finish my own journal skin sometime. :P
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I have learned that my icons for Windows as they stand are not compatible with Win95 through Win2K due to limitations of the what sizes the ICO format can contain for those versions of Windows, and also that they might also not be compatible with WindowsXP due to the Vista sized part being PNG compressed.

Should I keep going as I have been with every single size that IconWorkshop can pump put by default, or trim them back to at least work on Win2K and up?

EDIT: I'm going to use IconWorkshop's recommendations, they seem to work on Windows 2000 and up so I'm going to stick with that from now on.  Those formats will be:
256x256 (NOT PNG compressed), 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (32-bit RGB/A)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (256 color)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (16 color)


Also, Mac users...please let me know what formats I should keep or not keep in those versions.  AT the moment I'm generating these formats (again every format IconWorkshop can churn out):
512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (32-bit RGB/A)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16, 16x12 (256 color)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16, 16x12 (16 color)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16, 16x12 (mono 2 color)

EDIT: Rather than try and guess what I need to include in Mac formatted icons, I'm going to use IconWorkshop's recommendations.  So starting now I'm using these formats:
512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (32-bit RGB/A)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (256 color)
48x48, 32x32, 16x16 (16 color)
32x32 (mono 2 color)
And for some reason it wants to add full-black versions of the icon as 48x48 and 16x16 mono.  Strange.

And for that matter, do the dang things even WORK?  I'm no Mac user (yet) so I have no earthly clue.


Also I'm going to keep the PNG dock versions to be 1024x1024 because of the quality of scaling I've seen.  My 512x512 ones just didn't seem to be as clean when scaled from 48px to 96px (my dock's zoom settings).  Yes I know that boosts the file size a good bit, but I've been making sure they're "PNGCrushed" with an equivalent Photoshop plug-in called SuperPNG.  Since using it Y!Slow and Smush.IT! haven't been able to squeeze that many more bytes out of the file size, so I'm happy using it.  I just wish the "Save for Web & Devices" option would use it instead of the default PNG format.