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Published: May 11, 2015
If I could have gotten the rights to shoot the Avatar the Last Airbender film, this is how I would have done it.

First, we need a whole recast. I would try my best to get these people to act in the film. And if they can't speak English, I would just hire voice actors and dub their lines. Of course I didn't account for their height. That could potentially be a problem. ^^; But maybe we can solve that by shooting from an angle?

Second, I'd hire a great choreographer. Someone who knows their martial arts. And many, many stunt men, because we want the fight scenes to look real. And obviously I'd get a bunch of co-directors who had worked with actors before.

Third, we would need a competent team of costume designers, capable of making the clothes and hairstyles resemble those of the cartoon. We'd also need serious make-up artists, for the battle paint and the wounds, and to make Zuko's scar look real scary. :) Then we'd need a team to construct the set, with real looking props. And we'd need a good graphics coordinator.

Fourth, I would scrap a lot of the unimportant stuff that came up in the cartoon. I'd only keep the scenes that actually moved the plot forward, and try to relate them in as little screen time as possible. The Fortuneteller and Meng would go, Song would go, that episode where Aang goes to a Fire Nation school would go. The Bumi episodes would be much, much shorter. The Great Divide episode would be scrapped. The Northern Air Temple episode would focus primarily on the invention of the air ship. The Avatar Day episode would go, the Serpent's pass episode would either be trimmed down or scrapped completely, and The Drill episode would be cut (because that is not how Azula and her friends got in). The episode Sokka's Master would be cut (it's too late in the story to give Sokka any character development), the episode The Runaway would be trimmed, Nightmares and Daydreams would disappear.


So, I'd ask Prinsha Shreshta, Nepalese supermodel, to play Katara.

in this pic, I believe she looks just like her :D. Of course the braces help.
Prinsha Shrestha1 by KaizenKitty

Anyway, with the right directing, I think Prinsha would make a great Katara.Prinsha Shrestha3 by KaizenKitty

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Sokka would be played by Myanmar actor Ye Tike.
Ye Tike1 by KaizenKitty
He's got roughly the same facial features, :lol: and he looks good with his hair down.
Ye Tike4 by KaizenKitty

Ryosuke Yamada, Japanese actor, singer and dancer, would make a great Aang, in my opinion.
Ryosuke Yamada7 by KaizenKitty
Of course I don't know what he'd look like shaven bald, or if he'd assent to that, but so far he definitely looks the part, and his Aang pout is adorable.
Ryosuke Yamada1 by KaizenKitty

And I would ask Japanese actress Erika Toda to play Toph.
Erika Toda5 by KaizenKitty
Her sweet, childlike features make her great for the job. :) Look at her and tell me you don't see Toph.
Erika Toda6 by KaizenKitty

Japanese actor, singer and TV host Tomohisa Yamashita has this torn look in his eye. I think he could portray Zuko's angst quite well with that alone. Not to mention how similar they look.
Yamapi by KaizenKitty
What about him doesn't immediately scream Zuko? :aww:
Yamapi Tomohisa Yamashita by KaizenKitty

Despite how much I rooted (and still root) for ZuTara, Avatar ended in MaiKo, and so should the movie. So if I were to pick someone for Mai, it would be

Japanese actress and model Maki Horikita.
Maki Horikita1 by KaizenKitty
Not only do her cute cheekbones resemble those of Mai, but this serious pic also shows that she can definitely hold a weapon. :D
Maki Horikita6 by KaizenKitty

Now it becomes important who will star as Azula. Well, that would be none other than South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo.
Song Hye Kyo3 by KaizenKitty
I think she's perfect for the role.
:D And I'd love to see her evil laugh! I'm sure she can come up with something brilliantly memorable.
Song Hye Kyo2 by KaizenKitty

And who better to play Ty Lee than South Korean actress Park Min Young?
Park Min Young5 by KaizenKitty
She's got the cutesy expressions down to a tee.
Park Min Young3 by KaizenKitty

American actress and singer Kiersey Clemons would make a great Princess Yue. Of course she'd have to wear a wig. :giggle:Kiersey Clemons by KaizenKitty
She's beautiful enough to make Sokka fall for her at first sight. And her laugh is fresh and full, just like Princess Yue's.
Kiersey Clemons3 by KaizenKitty

American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor Trey Songz (official name Tremain Aldon Neverson) is just perfect for the role of Yue's fiancé Hahn. I bet Trey could reenact just that cocky attitude. :D
Tremaine Aldon Neverson by KaizenKitty

I would ask Koike Teppei, Japanese actor and singer, to play the role of Ruon-Jian (one of the Fire Nation guys from The Beach episode, who flirts with Mai, and then gets shoved by Zuko).
Koike Teppei4 by KaizenKitty

Avatar Roku's wife Ta Min would be portrayed by Chinese actress and ballerina Liu Shi Shi.
Liu Shi Shi1 by KaizenKitty

I also feel like Japanese actor and film director Shun Oguri should be in the film somehow. Perhaps he can play Admiral Zhao, though he looks a little bit too young for that? :confused:
Shun Oguri by KaizenKitty
I mean look at him here, playing Genji Takiya. He makes a very convincing firebender. Topknot and all, ready to go. And that glare! :D He could also play Chan, the guy from The Beach episode who makes out with Azula. But I'd like to give him a bigger role.
Shun Oguri3 by KaizenKitty

British Indian actor Naveen Andrews would make for a good Chief Hakoda, if you ask me. ;)
Naveen Andrews by KaizenKitty
Only needs some fake or real dreadlocks, and he's good to go! :dummy:
Naveen Andrews1 by KaizenKitty See that serious Dad face?

I would ask Taiwanese-Japanese actor and singer Takeshi Kaneshiro for the role of Lord Ozai. I think he'd nail it.
Takeshi Kaneshiro2 by KaizenKitty

South Korean actress Choi Ji Woo would make for a very good Lady Ursa, Zuko and Azula's mom.
Choi Ji Woo1 by KaizenKitty
She has this soft, caring look on her face like only a mother can have.

Canadian singer-songwriter and music producer Nasri Atweh would be awesome to have for the role of Bato.
Nasri Atweh by KaizenKitty
:D I think he'd be very capable in the acting department. ^^; If Nasri would agree to work with us, of course.
Nasri Atweh6 by KaizenKitty

Can you see Colombian actress Catalina Sandino Moreno as Zuko's not-my-girlfriend Jin? :lol:
I sure can.
Catalina Sandino Moreno by KaizenKitty
Her sweet smile here really captures Jin's free and outgoing personality. :XD: And the gullible way that she instantly believes "Lee" when he makes an outrageous claim to have travelled with the Circus.
Catalina Sandino Moreno3 by KaizenKitty

South Korean actor, former singer and model Sung Joon would play Avatar's favorite heartthrob. The bad boy, the rebel, whose end always justifies the means, the one and only Jet.
Sung Joon by KaizenKitty
I think his glare and frizzy hair in that pic are what won me over. Plus he's used to keeping sticks in his mouth! :XD:
Sung Joon1 by KaizenKitty

Hong Kong American actor Kevin Cheng can be a great Lieutenant Jee! :dance: You know, the main officer on Zuko's ship from season one, the one Zuko is always bitch-fighting with. :lol:
Kevin Cheng2 by KaizenKitty
Then after Lieutenant Jee becomes a non-recurring character in the second season, Kevin could play Long Feng, and nobody would notice. :dummy:
Kevin Cheng by KaizenKitty

I know this is a lot to ask, but can Indian boxer Mary Kom pleeeaase play both the young and the old Hama? :please: She's so badass. It would be cool to see her waterbending. :la:
Mary Kom1 by KaizenKitty
The fight scene between Hama and Katara was one of the high points of the cartoon, and I think Mary could portray that scene quite well.
Mary Kom by KaizenKitty
Ka - pow.

For the role of Suki, I would ask Thai actress Bonkoj Khongmalai.
Bongkoj Khongmalai4 by KaizenKitty
She definitely looks the part (even more so in another picture I could not upload here). I can see her in the Kyoshi get up, firing arrows at her enemies. And, last but not least, she has proven to look good in a bathing suit, ;) so she'll definitely shine wearing that revealing body armor from the finale.
Bongkoj Khongmalai5 by KaizenKitty

Earthbender Haru would be portrayed by Indian actor Allu Arjun.
Allu Arjun by KaizenKitty
 :love: Long hair suits him so well. And I guess he knows it. :lol:
Allu Arjun3 by KaizenKitty

Japanese American youtuber and actor Ryan Higa (better known as nigahiga) would play a comic relief Fire Navy soldier.
Ryan Higa1 by KaizenKitty
Because the Fire Navy needs loads of comic relief. :lol:
Ryan Higa9 by KaizenKitty

Thai actress and singer Intira Jaroenpura would portray June the Bountyhunter. ;) She'd look so sexy with a whip in her hand, on top of that beast of a shirshu.
Intira Jaroenpura by KaizenKitty

British singer-songwriter and rapper Jay Sean (official name Kamaljit Singh Jhooti), would play The Boulder. :D He'd be great for the role!
Jay Sean by KaizenKitty
Just needs to grow a goatee. :) Can't be that hard, right?

"Listen up, Hippo. You may be big, but you ain't bad. The Boulder is gonna win this, in a landslide!"
Jay Sean1 by KaizenKitty

I'd ask American actress and singer Naya Rivera to play an upper-class Ba Sing Se lady. Perhaps the role of Macmu Ling, the teacher of the haiku class Sokka barged in on :).
Naya Rivera5 by KaizenKitty

American actor, screenwriter, producer, martial artist and former model Rick Yune as Lu Ten.
Rick Yune1 by KaizenKitty
Me thinks the role fits him quite well :happybounce:
Rick Yune by KaizenKitty

I'd ask American singer-songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo to star as waterbender Hue, aka The Swamp Monster! :D
Jason Derulo by KaizenKitty

Japanese actor and singer Yuya Tegoshi should be Teo! :)
Yuya Tegoshi7 by KaizenKitty
He has just the cute looks an actor portraying Teo needs. I just can't think of anyone other than Yuya doing a better job on Teo.
Yuya Tegoshi2 by KaizenKitty

I'd ask Thai actress Napakpapha Nakprasitte (better known as Mamee) to star as Joo Dee. This toothy smile of hers definitely makes her suitable.
Napakpapha Nakprasitte by KaizenKitty

American singer Jasmine Marie Villegas would have a minor role as a Water Tribe girl and maybe waterbender.
Jasmine Villegas1 by KaizenKitty
I don't know who she'd play yet, but Jasmine would definitely be in it.
Jasmine Villegas7 by KaizenKitty

I don't know whom he would portray yet, but Canadian model and actor Godfrey Gao would definitely star as a firebender! :D
Godfrey Gao by KaizenKitty
Maybe a minor role as some officer of the Fire Nation's fleet. That defiant look in his eye and those expressions say it all -- Godfrey has it in him.
Godfrey Gao2 by KaizenKitty

American actress Tiffany Hines would star in it.
Perhaps as a waterbender. Maybe as Kya, Sokka and Katara's mom. But I'd like to give her a bigger role.
Tiffany Hines by KaizenKitty
I don't know in which capacity though.
Tiffany Hines4 by KaizenKitty "Okay then, ...I guess."
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Comments (26)
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Yrdenne|Hobbyist Writer
You did a great job! I totally agree with most of your choices ;)

But... I would like to see Shun Oguri as Zuko. Because... I don´t know, gut feeling.
Tomohisa is a little to cute for my taste... Zuko deserves more bad-ass-ness :D

Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
:la: That could work too!
Reply  ·  
TheSapphires's avatar
TheSapphiresEdited |Student General Artist
So much thought you put into this! Aang and Katara's suggested actors look too old (in my opinion) and Hue "Swamp Monster"'s looks too young, but then again I don't know how old they actually ARE. But there were so many actors you found that just look perfect for the characters - especially Azula, Sokka, and Teo, but also the Boulder, June, Lu Ten, Ozai & Ursa, Hakoda, Jet ... Only guy missing is Iroh. (When I looked at the other comments I saw that you didn't forget him, just haven't figured out a good actor yet. Good, because NO DECENT PERSON just forgets Iroh. I can't help, sadly, 'cause the actors I can recognize by name are generally just the ones from Star Trek or Doctor Who.)

This is going in my favorites.

Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
Thank you Sapphires! :hug:
Reply  ·  
xcrimsonhero101's avatar
I just created my account so I could also post my version of ATLA recast. But I Don't know how!! T_T Can you please tell me what I should click to do it? Should I post it on journal entry?
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
Use stash writer, add pictures either by saving them first in your stash or by using direct url links (the deviantart faq explains this quite well). :) And cool that you're doing this! Please do send me a link when you're done. Have you found someone for Iroh?
Reply  ·  
dullbr's avatar
I was really surprised that you didn't choose Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for The Boulder. That would be totally amazing.
Reply  ·  
sneakolai's avatar
sneakolai|Hobbyist General Artist
I was ready to go "Great, here we go again," but many of these are quite thoughtful. Kudos.
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
Aww thanks! :icononiblushplz:

:D Suggestions for Iroh are open.
Reply  ·  
Calvero's avatar
I would have gone with all Asian actors for the roles. Also, I'd want this guy i51.tinypic.com/rthspg.jpg to have some sort of role in it.
Reply  ·  
TheSapphires's avatar
TheSapphires|Student General Artist
Hm, that guy looks very Water Tribe.
Reply  ·  
silversteam11's avatar
silversteam11|Hobbyist General Artist
I would rather see a non asian actor play jet or suki in my opinion
mai and azula on fleck though :D
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
:D Thanks. Whom would you have cast for Jet and Suki? :la: Suggestions are welcome!

:plotting: I'm also looking for an actor for Iroh.
Reply  ·  
silversteam11's avatar
silversteam11|Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know XC 
Im not good at picking out actual people for cartoon roles
as for Iroh, i don't know either sorry 
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
Reply  ·  
285049's avatar
love the way of the recast you choose for your version of the movie.
Reply  ·  
AvatarVyakara's avatar
Clever indeed, friend!
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
:D Thank you!
Reply  ·  
AvatarVyakara's avatar
Very welcome!
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
:) Thanks. Any suggestions are welcome.
Reply  ·  
the-zilla's avatar
This is awesome! You put so much work into finding the perfect faces for this recast. I'm definitely saving this for future inspiration. 
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
Wow, thanks! :hug:

If you have any ideas for the remaining characters (notably Iroh), I'd be happy to hear them. :D
Reply  ·  
Dark-Scratcher's avatar
This sounds (and looks ;) ) interesting :w00t:

:icontehestareplz: "Plus he's used to keeping sticks in his mouth!"
Reply  ·  
KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKitty|Professional Writer
Thanks! :la: I'm still looking for an actor to play Iroh though, you have any suggestions?

:XD: I just realized how dirty that sounds, lol.
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