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Minion Quest MMXVIII: The Projectionist by Kaity-Chameleon Minion Quest MMXVIII: The Projectionist :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 5 2 Minion Quest MMXVIII: 2v2 Battle by Kaity-Chameleon Minion Quest MMXVIII: 2v2 Battle :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 4 6 Minion Quest MMXVIII: Kaity V. Beau by Kaity-Chameleon Minion Quest MMXVIII: Kaity V. Beau :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 5 4
Through the Looking Glass - Role Switch
“Starting Test Two of minion Thornhart now.” He flipped the switch and reclaimed his place by Becky, “Alright, same thing as last time, minion.”
The minion nodded, “Yes, boss.” The mirror again rippled to life before settling, “I can see Ms. Becky, but she’s in armor…I think you’ve switched positions in this world.”
“Intriguing.” Becky scribbled down some notes, “Continue, minion.”
There was a knock at the door. Becky, clad in her armor, looked up from the plans she was working on and toward the door, “Enter!” she commanded.
The door opened, revealing a shorter male with dirty blonde hair which was a mess. A surprising contrast to the rest of his clean, professional look. He wore black dress shoes, black slacks and a white button up shirt. Over the button up was a purple suit vest, the only pop of color to his attire. “Sorry to interrupt you scheming, bos
:iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 2 7
Through the Looking Glass - Bad End
“Alright minion, this should be easy enough.” Crow said, “Just look into the mirror and explain to me what you see.”
“Got it, boss.” Kaity nodded.
The purple armored human went over to a control panel. He glanced back toward the latest guinea pig; she seemed relaxed, she stared intently at the mirror before her. Becky sat a short distance away, a recording device sat near the redheaded minion. The recorder which was then hooked up to a computer to take down her words. The white haired woman herself held a notepad, prepared to take her own notes. “Alright, starting Test One of minion—” he paused; he did not know this minion’s name.
“My name is Kaity Thornhart, boss.” Kaity said, she did not sound offended at all. In fact, she sounded like she was just waiting to remind the villain of her name.
“The first name could use some work, minion. Doesn’t sound very intimidating.”
“Noted, boss.”
:iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 3 3
Because why not? by Kaity-Chameleon Because why not? :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 1 41
IDK, a Sonic Forces Thing
Things had been so different since Eggman successfully beat Sonic. The hero of Mobius had not only been beaten, but taken captive as well. It had been months since that fateful day and some whispered of rumors. Rumors that suggested the rotund human had permanently taken care of his little blue problem.
Eager to help, the Chaotix offered their services to the resistance. And ever the fighter, Kaity the Chameleon jumped on the chance to be on the frontlines. It was apparent she was not the strongest fighter; not even the smartest or most tactical, but her endurance and strong desire to protect others certainly worked to her advantage on the battlefield. The longer the fought alongside them, the more clearly her superiors saw her as a wild card in their ranks; she was not an immediate danger to others, but her fiery attitude combined with an aversion to authority and taking orders made her difficult to work with. And yet she got results.
Still; better safe than sorry.
Kaity found that mo
:iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 3 27
Oh shit boi, it's a collab! by Kaity-Chameleon Oh shit boi, it's a collab! :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 4 75 2017 Summary of Art by Kaity-Chameleon 2017 Summary of Art :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 4 4 Drums are cool by Kaity-Chameleon Drums are cool :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 2 4
Not Stealing Candy and Fraternizing with the Enemy
“Hey Mack!”
The hero turned to the person who had called to him, he found two young women quickly approaching; one brunette with a blonde streak and the other auburn, both wore glasses.
After a puzzled moment, Mack recognized the brunette as Taylor, one of Crow’s minions. The other he recognized as another minion, but he could not recall a name; they had only ever spoken once or twice. “Hello.” Mack smiled.
“Didn’t recognize us, did you?” Taylor teased.
“It did take me a minute,” Mack admitted, “I didn’t recognize you without your uniform.”
“Yeah, good thing about the uniforms is they have masks. Makes it easier to walk around in public when we need to.” Kaity added.
Mack froze for a second; that was a scary though. Anyone could be a minion of his arch nemesis and he’d never know.
“Anyway,” Taylor began, “The boss ordered everyone to go steal candy from t
:iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 4 4
Hey, Bet'cha I can hit this note :Bday: by Kaity-Chameleon Hey, Bet'cha I can hit this note :Bday: :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 5 4 Princess Kidnapping Event: Princess Weaver by Kaity-Chameleon Princess Kidnapping Event: Princess Weaver :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 9 24 Fan Art Mash Up by Kaity-Chameleon Fan Art Mash Up :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 2 2 :NefariousxTypoman: Princess by Kaity-Chameleon :NefariousxTypoman: Princess :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 1 0 Minion Meme :Kaity: by Kaity-Chameleon Minion Meme :Kaity: :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 5 4

Current Projects:
:bulletred:Art trades:bulletred:
:bulletred: Story for AT with :iconmisty-t-h:- BRB, redoing



:points:Point Comissions:points:

:bulletblack: FC Bios- 14/30 (48% ) Done
:bulletblack: Compaion Bios- 0/7 (0% ) Done
:bulletblack: 100 Theme challenge 15% Done
:bulletblack: Detective Elecman and the Case of the Boss- Ch. 7 up brb redoing
:bulletblack: Megamnesia- Ch. 1 up
:bulletblack: All dem puns
:bulletblack: slippery naked lady be cray-cray
:bulletblack: Bunny
:bulletblack: Kaity v. Dollwoman
:bulletblack: Moar Cutman brothers
:bulletblack: Freezeman: The most yandere of stalkers
:bulletblack: RAWK DIS!
:bulletblack: Sexeh feesh
:bulletblack: Love Trials
:bulletblack: Underloid
:bulletblack: Soul Block Tango
:bulletblack: Pocket Masters
:bulletblack: RM Amie
:bulletblack: This won't end well
:bulletblack: Draw the squad
:bulletblack: One time Protoman's helmet came off in front of everyone
:bulletblack: Starman
:bulletblack: Bigass Goosebumps thing
:bulletblack: Butt lasers
:bulletblack: Creepy Protoman
:bulletblack: Dualities
:bulletblack: Turnabout is fair play
:bulletblack: Robot Friend
:bulletblack: MegamanxAce Attorney crossover
:bulletblack: Worse end
:bulletblack: Super Mack RPG
:bulletblack: Two short dudes fight over treasure!

Random Favourites

knock it off D: by Vixcoon knock it off D: :iconvixcoon:Vixcoon 33 43 Tell me a story by kancle Tell me a story :iconkancle:kancle 244 35 Rattlesnake Jake by cicakkia Rattlesnake Jake :iconcicakkia:cicakkia 150 27 Doctor Who Wallpaper by PunkRockPikachu Doctor Who Wallpaper :iconpunkrockpikachu:PunkRockPikachu 262 30 Sonic Level: Mystic Mansion by SonicB0OM Sonic Level: Mystic Mansion :iconsonicb0om:SonicB0OM 13 4 .:Welcome to Wonderland...:. by SakuraOdd .:Welcome to Wonderland...:. :iconsakuraodd:SakuraOdd 15 27 Comfort from K-T by HeLIZacopter Comfort from K-T :iconhelizacopter:HeLIZacopter 2 6 Earthquake in VA by TigerloverM Earthquake in VA :icontigerloverm:TigerloverM 20 15 Chaotix by SammySmall Chaotix :iconsammysmall:SammySmall 75 48 50 Pages Mark: Team Chaotix by MESS-Anime-Artist 50 Pages Mark: Team Chaotix :iconmess-anime-artist:MESS-Anime-Artist 68 21 C.P Issue 2 Page 8 by LiyuConberma C.P Issue 2 Page 8 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 914 908 C.P Issue 2 Page 4 by LiyuConberma C.P Issue 2 Page 4 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 371 118 C.P Issue 2 Page 3 by LiyuConberma C.P Issue 2 Page 3 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 396 135 C.P Issue 2 Page 2 by LiyuConberma C.P Issue 2 Page 2 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 365 147 C.P Issue 2 Page 1 by LiyuConberma C.P Issue 2 Page 1 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 331 87


Kaity-Chameleon has started a donation pool!
336 / 636
Note: Sketches and inks are probably different compared to how most people define them; be sure to check the examples.

*I start work only after I've recieved points*
*Random donations not encouraged, but accepted :iconbricked-plz:*
*I don't do fetish art*

:bulletpurple: Pictures:bulletpurple:
Doodle- Espio used SOUL STARE by Kaity-Chameleon 1:points:
Sketch- The Alien Nation by Kaity-Chameleon 3:points:
Traditional coloring- 'You must defeat my four other stalkers' by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Inked- Alien Nation :inked: by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Flat color- Alien Nation :flat color: by Kaity-Chameleon 7:points:
Shaded- Alien Nation :Shaded: by Kaity-Chameleon 10:points:
Chibis- Fecking late Valentine's Day thing by Kaity-Chameleon 1:points: per chibi
With background- +2:points:

Whut plz- :iconkaitywhutplz: 1:points:
sprite- icon for Sabre2112 by Kaity-Chameleon 2:points:
:bulletblue: Animated sprite- Cotton the Moth :PC: by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points:
Hand/mouse drawn, colored- Icon for NazortheGreat by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points:
Hand/mouse drawn, B&W- Icon for LakeLove :request: by Kaity-Chameleon 2:points:
:bulletblue: Animated hand/mouse drawn- Creepypastas-Party icon by Kaity-Chameleon 6:points:

One-shot/poems-… ,… (Anything not labeled with ‘Ch. 1’) 4:points:
Chapter story-… (Many examples here) 5:points: per chapter
Choose-your-own-path story-… 20:points:

Sonic battle cards- Olivia Battle Card :PC: by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points: per card
Character profile pictures- Kaity the Chameleon by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Flash dress-up game- SMRPG dress up: Geno by Kaity-Chameleon 20:points: (three outfits and 3-4 accessories, depending on what said accessories are)
-extra outfits 5:points:
-extra accessories 1:points:

Also, I love how it says 'You can't donate to yourself' under the donate button for me XD

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Wow, I haven't updated this since like, January? Or some time super early in the year? Anyway, got a tag, yay!

Not gonna list them in any particular order, just as I think of them. And ideally try to pick characters in different franchises. Otherwise this whole list would be Nefarious :lol:

Tagged by :iconrockmangurl:

Top 10 favorite characters from your favorite franchises!

1. Crow (Nefarious)
2. Cutman (Megaman)
3. Espio (Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaanic )
4. Iskandar (Fate)
5. Slappy (Goosebumps)
6. Kyube (Madoka Magica)
7. Spectre (Ape Escape )
8. Frieza (DBZ)
9. Kragger (Legend of Chima)
10. Laharl (Disgaea)

I tag:
And anyone else who wants to/is still active on DA

So this ended up being a list of dudes :XD: I thought I'd think of at least one girl in a list of then, but apparently not.






:star:Birthday/Event Calander:star:…

Shit I've made:

Which Knuckles' Chaotix Character Are You?…
Which Undertale Soul Are You?…


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Help mah squiby creatures :D

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Character list:
Sonic the Hedgehog
:thanks:Good guys:thanks:
:thanks:Kaity the Chameleon-
:thanks: Mystic Mentor (the Chameleon)-
:thanks: Enigma Doppelganger (The Chameleon)(A)-
:thanks: Pierce Almos (the Chameleon)(A)-
:thanks: Hurricane the Hawk (A)- 0% Done

:skullbones: Bad guys:skullbones:
:skullbones: Malice the Rabbit-
:skullbones: Poppy Tier (The Rabbit)-
:skullbones: Unknown Silvertongue (The Chameleon)-

:| Depression the Bat-
:| Pride the Chameleon-
:| Vlad the Bat-
:| Carmellia the Bat-
:| Anger the Hedgehog-
:| Love the Vixen-
:| Kamal Silvertongue (the Chameleon)-

:pokeball: Bao (宝) (Nuna; Kamal)- 0% Done
:pokeball: Adal (Pyrast; Enigma)- 0% Done
:pokeball: Artemis (Dragon-familiar; Kaity)- 0% Done
:pokeball: Gnawz (Ghouling; Mystic)- 0% Done
:pokeball: Red Velvet (Candy Kermeleon; Shea)- 0% Done
:pokeball: Carob (Lalasa; ???)- 0% Done
:pokeball: ??? (Pyrast; ???)- 0% Done

Mega Man
:horns: Dr. Elizabeth Schepper- 50% Done
:horns: Dr. Luna Tick (A)- 25% Done
:horns: Dr. Purdy D'Ranged- 25% Done
:horns: Dr. Thaddeus "Tad" Strange- 0% Done

:altermind: DSN-001 "Shea Schepper"- 25% Done
:altermind: DSN-002 "Rhythm"- 25% Done
:altermind: DSN-003 "???"- 0% Done
:altermind: Speedy- 0% Done
:altermind: Nitro- 0% Done

:plug:Digital Peeps (NT Warrior/Battle Network):plug:
:plug: Shea.exe- 25% Done
:plug: Rhythm.exe- 0% Done
:plug: ???.exe- 0% Done
:plug: Speedy.exe- 0% Done
:plug: Nitro.exe- 0% Done

:star: Pallium- 0% Done

Other dwellings: Kaity the Chameleon
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