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[AO] Gabriel
"I've always wondered if I could become a hero in a story, but I guess I would always be a villain for others"

Name: Gabriel Valor
Rank: 1
- Handler: Esme

Age: 13
Height160 cm

RootCarrion Crow
House: Chamomile

Gabriel came from a normal family who are living together with other bird hybrids. Others usually avoid their family of crows as their breed is considered bad luck and death, though the family try their hardest to not live up to that belief. During those times, Gabriel had a difficulty befriending human children, as he's either being avoided or insulted by them, and would usually spend time around the farm, or with his "cousins" who are the same age as him. 

Even with the bad image and some bad memories from them, Gabriel would still always help others those in need as it was something heroes always do from the stories he have heard from his mother. He believed that if he wanted others to accept him, he have to help them and not expect anything for return. These acts of his were the reasons how he have received some handful of good friends, along with that were also some friends who are only taking advantage of his helpfulness.

One day however, a rare gemstone has been stolen from a store that costs a lot. A witness have stated that the thief was a young bird hybrid and Gabriel was immediately suspected as crows have a love for shiny things. His parents immediately defended him of course, but the child thought that if it wasn't him who have stolen the gem, then it was most likely one of his family member, and he doesn't want to think about that. With that he lied and said that it was indeed him, and claimed that he had forgotten where he placed the item.

With that he was given a choice in order to pay up for the stolen item which would pretty much take forever to earn. Either he gives all the money his family would earn to the store, he turn himself (or any other family member) into a slave (which is the quickest solution), or he could attend the academy in which he could possibly die. The last option was presented as the store owner was somewhat affiliated with the academy, and really does give a pity for the child. As he doesn't really want to burden his family, Gabriel picked the last choice and gave a farewell to his large family.


    +Helping Others
    +Shiny things

    -Bad People
    -Becoming burden for others

    *Good at remembering faces

    *has heterochromia (right eye is color blue)
    *Has a big family, other members are not blood related
    *Sweater is a family thing

[AO] Jakob
Name: Jakob
Rank: 1
Type: Earth
- Handler: Vanessa

Age: 18
Height185 cm

Root: Adelie Penguin
House: Indigo Valeria

Jakob's family had been in service to a noble for many generations. At a young age, he was trained to be a butler and a guardian for them. The training was harsh and difficult and every single tiny mistake would be equivalent to a great punishment. Though, he never complained and those punishments would serve him to make himself better the next day. After few years, he got used to the job and was given flying colors for the test, thus now assigning him to the noble's child.

His master was kind to him, and he makes sure to serve him properly and give them whatever they need. Though, he tries to distance himself as his master continues to refer to him as their friend, something that wasn't allowed on his job.

After some time, his master was assassinated. Even though he was trained to sense danger, he wasn't able to notice it. Failure to protect his master was equivalent to death, which served him fine as he was greatly saddened by their death. However, the night before the death sentence, Jakob's parents arrived and forced him to escape the house. They gave him money and a cloak that would help him hide from the nobles. He was hesitant at first and confused, though after seeing his parents protecting him from being caught by the guard that discovered them, he put all himself in escaping the house, not wanting to let their sacrifice go to waste as he heard his parents screaming in pain from the weapon the guard stabbed them with.

By the morning of his escape, he finds the note that was hidden inside the cloak which was signed by his master. Apparently, they knew that there was someone who was gonna assassinate them someday, someone Jakob can't handle and told the penguin's parents to help him escape before the death sentence is done. Now determined to continue living due to his master and parent's efforts, he wanders around, finding a place to settle. In the end, he discovered a hidden village of hybrids where he would live as he help finding food for the villagers and keeping away human travellers.

Few years later, he and his group find a butterfly hybrid wandering around. Jakob was able to recognize her as the hybrid that was owned by a noble that he always sees during party he attends with his master. Worried for her, they took her in the village and teach her a lot of things about the outside world and help her adjust to new things. 

After some time, they were surprised to discover that the butterfly accepted to attend the school. They accepted her decisions and lets her go, though the villagers would sometimes worry for her, in which Jakob and her closest friends would tell them that she's surely doing fine. More time passes and it was Jakob's turn to receive the invitation in which he also accepts.  
    -Distrustful of others, but would be loyal once he gets to know them
    -Giving up is not an option



    -His speed and agility triples when in water terrain

    -He slaps (hard) anyone if he finds them annoying.

Valentine Children (First Half)
exp to no.29 and no.46

Celestine and Cordelia have teamed up - mostly due to the bat's insistence - to bake cookies for Valentine's Day, and give them as gifts to their fellow students. But, OH NO! One of them has added something else to the mix that turned the others into something that would fit a liitle bit more for the holidays

"Such a shame, I wouldn't be able to see how you all look like~" - Cordelia
"All I see are pink and red everywhere. It's making my eyes hurt" - Celestine

How do the students react to this?

... Do these two show a hint of remorse?
Probably not

Aaaaaand here's the Valentine's collaboration me and Eve had concocted XD. The story and collaboration was Eve's idea. (Originally we were supposed to do the faculty and handlers. I have no idea how we forgot about that original plan and now my hands hurt from this many students XD. I still love you Eve.)

Now for the long list of owners
:iconrabu-nee: - Chia, Nyal
:iconmikiwii: - Reiju, Suzu
:iconyukicole02: - Shun, An, Mior, Alexis, Haru
:icontheyamiclaxia: - Nana
:iconteaunicorn: - Ava, Sherlock
:iconchuuiicookiez: - Jinghua, Brulee
:iconperfriff: - Xiulan
:iconwyvernscall: - Kain
:iconlefen: - Yue
:iconwaterwolf600: - Nova
:iconkaitou-eve: - Cordelia
:iconluckynyan4: - Riku
:iconkiba-chan27: - Ziyan
:iconwolfsneverdie: - Xiao Ying, Anthony

P.S. The other half would be posted by Eve tomorrow or the day after that. 
P.P.S The individual chibis would also be posted by her 
[AO] He's here for you SV2
Secret late Valentine's gift from no. 46

"Will you love me once again... master...?" 

I realllyyyyyy like this boy. When I first read his history he gave me the yandere vibe and was actually excited drawing him. It also gave me an excuse to try drawing something slightly dark which I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Anyways hope you like this also ^^

Leca is owned by :iconluckynyan4:
[AO] Where are we going? SV1
Secret Valentine's gift from no.46

These two are either deciding where to go, or are lost...

And here goes a somewhat late Valentine's gift (I srsly need to fix my sched XD) I saw that Riku could be with anyone so I just went with my girl, if that's okay. Anyways, Riku looks just very very very very very very cute and I hope I actually did a somewhat justice on him ><

Riku belongs to :iconluckynyan4:


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