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Favourite Movies
I like all those Silent hill/ resident evil type movies :D
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like Lots.. not really one atm
Favourite Games
Silent hill (I love to scream when stuff pops up) And world of warcraft.. Halo and gears of war too
Favourite Gaming Platform
Comp, or X-box, PS3 as well
Tools of the Trade
Anythin really.. i drew with lipstick once.. that was weird..
Other Interests
Dragons, wolves, furries, cookies, kitties, drawing, movies, making movies, video games :D

Update Update

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   Oh yay, it's one of those things few people really care to read~ But hey, it's the first of December, and really I've just been kinda flaky over here. So lemme see what's up in this neighborhood. Don't have too much to say on my end, been scrambling to get through class work, finals are next week, then it's off to winter break, which I cannot wait to enjoy~ Been working hard to get commissions done so I can pay for gifts and also Captain Jack's vet bills, those are killin' me. Been thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying RP time, it's about my only free time to just chillax and enjoy some quality character endeavors. After so long without RP, it
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Let's get that depressing journal off my front page, aye? So, I'm doing a lot better now, a lot of online friends have stepped up to distract me (I love you guys ;u;) and I had a nice long vacation to just chill and enjoy family time. I'm feeling really energized and just good! Which is really good~ But enough of that, I wanted to give an update on art: So, I'm closing down most of my commission slots on Furaffinity and opening them here and Y! gallery instead. I hope to get less furry and TF things (though those both are fine on occasion) and get more character art instead :) I think I'll be lowering prices a bit, so hopefully it'll be mo
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Update: Bleh.

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Hey guys, thought I'd just give you all an update. Some of you might have seen my latest post, "Forever", and read the message within. This was dedicated to my very dear friend, Moon, who just left for boot camp today. It's a hugely traumatic ordeal for me, it's probably unwarranted, but it's really been tearing me apart. I thought you all deserved to know why there's been such a lull in artwork and commission work recently, I've fallen into a state of almost depression and stressed out of my mind with this, school, and commission work, but it's getting better slowly. Moon will be back in a few months, so for now I am working to buck up and g
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Hey! A shoutout if yer alive, been wondering where ya went, hope you come back soon.
Excuse me, I was wondering if I could use the werewolf design for Aspen becoming a werewolf for a werewolf story I'm making.
Excuse me? You're Crimson right? You know at icon you made for Pheagle? How does he turn into a robot from that? I'd like to know :)
You've got an absolutely brilliant (and adorable) style here, if I may so so! Hope you don't mind me adding you to my artstalk list here, or whatever they're calling it. Watch list? Whatever =P
Do you have an IM account? I would like to send you something(Also, hi! It's fringedog!)
do you have a webcomic? I seem to recognize your art.