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N5184 Darkseid



ID l N5184
N5184 Padro Import

build l heavy
body l 
breed l Pure Padro

geno l EE AA nG nSty nSpl nLp DffDff nMrn mednSpk
color l grey on sooty bay splash blanket DIFFY MYRNIN
speckling l medium +1 (red)
mane stripes l no
eye color l red

rare points l 39
class l uncommon ll 


name l Darkseid
age l 10 years
gender l male

quote l 
theme l 
voice l 

occupation l 
herd l 
home l 

personality l 
history l 

sexuality l 
mate l 
lovers l 

family l 
best friend l 
friends l 
foe l 
enemies l 


  healing l 1
poison l 1
intelligence/wisdom l 1
speed l 1
fire control l 10
nature l 1
water and ice l 1
electricity and weather l 1
light manipulation l 1
telekinesis l 1
morphing l 1
stealth l 1


generation l starter 

------------------------------------------ SSS l unknown
----------------- SS l unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD l unknown
sire l unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS l unknown
----------------- SD l unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD l unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS l unknown
----------------- DS l unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD l unknown
dam l unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS l unknown
----------------- DD l unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD l unknown

SLOTS l 13

Breeding Rules

  1) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicoleN4216 Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookie 
  2) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicoleN2614 RAS Secret Keeper 
  3) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicoleN6402 Liweta - Mare - QUALITY
  4) :bulletgreen: zhalia-moon 
  5) :bulletblack: closed 
  6) :bulletblack: closed 
  7) :bulletblack: closed 
  8) :bulletblack: closed 
  9) :bulletblack: closed 
  10) :bulletblack: closed 
  11) :bulletblack: closed 
  12) :bulletblack: closed 
  13) :bulletblack: closed 




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Illilex0DarkFire's avatar
Does this dude like to explore? Cause I have a mare that can do water and loves to explore and these 2 would make a cute playdate.
KaitlyNicole's avatar
Darkseid is a little of an unsocial dude. He's often rude and other than that he's quiet and tends to stay in the corner away from everyone. But there is such a thing as character development 
Illilex0DarkFire's avatar
I mean Discovery doesn't take shit from anyone. She bites. So if he was rude she'd probably tell him what for. But if he loves to explore new places, even if it is just out of eyesight of her, she'd love the company. She's also a fan of hearing/telling stories.
KaitlyNicole's avatar
XD that would probably start an argument and Dark is a bit physical more than verbal in them. Him being rude is a way of getting people away from them cuz background reasons. He's not afraid to hit a lady. His job is probably searching for rare artifacts. He's on the look for something specific but finding other things helps put food in his belly with the extra coin he earns. But if she snapped at him he'd probably want to be away from her like everyone else. He just comes by populated areas to sell his items, stock up on food and equipment, and he's gone until he finds something else to get rid of.
He once talked a merchant into buying this 'powerful earring that was once worn by an ancient city's emperor. It's wearer can contain infinite wisdom by wearing it overnight.' And the dude bought it. When really all it was was a bent rusted nail he found on the side of the road. More than likely something that fell off a cart and has been trampled so many times. But the thing got him a week's worth of food, some new equipment, and a night at a brothel.
Illilex0DarkFire's avatar
Pfffft. Got any other horses that like to explore? I'm just looking for a playdate, not an actual date. 

And do you by chance have a padro that likes bunnies/cute things?
KaitlyNicole's avatar
One who immediately came to mind is Cody. 
He's... he's not the absolute brightest of the bunch but he has a large heart and a great personality. He's a big soft boyo who doesn't have much of an IQ. Dark wouldn't be the type for just playdates. And it would take quite a bit of work for him to open up to a date.
But Cody loves to play. He's an over-sized child. You could probably convince him 2+2= fish.
1676 Cody QUALITY BLOOD by KaitlyNicole

And for someone who likes bunnies/cute things... I probably have a few. Gimme a sec...

N4410 Kyler
N4759 Pompeii**
8898 Lucky
N3760 Somerset
N3638 Hoary
N2099 Everloved QUALITY BLOOD
N3639 Otis*
N3242 Skoopa****
N3259 Phus (this one especially loves woodland creatures)
5302 Tomix
2426 Bolt
N1507 Snorlax
9729 Sai
3542 Jesse

8320 Eventide Evanescent PERFECT BLOOD
7348 Nathari
N4823 Lady Amalthea*
N3955 Sperosa (she's blind but she loves things that like to cuddle)
N5111 Nite*
N4758 Kelda*
N4765A Nellie
N3787 Bella and Trix (only Bella likes cute things)
N4755 Isabela (also blind but she loves animals)
N3518 Forsythia
N3509 Eldath
N2862 Jewel
N3254 Erelah
N3133 Flutter
N1553 Lamashtu
N2958 Scraps
N2908 Libra
N2864 Gaia QUALITY BLOOD (this girl especially loves little woodland creatures)
N811 Lady
N629 Pur'len
N229 Holly
5345 Jazlyn
4382 Snow **
Illilex0DarkFire's avatar
Interesting. Would you like to role play some of them? I can create a starter and see where it goes from there.
HotrodsImpulse's avatar
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