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My Bio

Hi, this is Kaithel. BW, or Kamunyak from Steam. You can just call me "Kaithel" or "Kam".

I'm an artist(not really good) from China! I love drawing animals(specially lionesses). Used to be in a game company as game designer(most about creatures) untill got stabbed from behind and lost everything....Also I had few designs of monsters for some games as freelancer, most of them are still WIP...

Due to my health conditions it will takes another 2 years to get fully recovered from lymphoma , so hope you can understand I won't take free requests or too many commissions.

I'm working on my own story and original world, it takes forever to finish all by myself.... wish me luck!

I only share some random Non-commercial drawings here (or on Twitter and my Instagram), hope you like them.

:heart:It's good to know that people loves my arts, thank you, it means a lot to me!! I'm glad that I can bring happiness to you even as a stranger!

:hug:Anyway, wish you a good life!!!

Favourite Movies
The Green Mile,Serenity(2005)
Favourite TV Shows
Firefly, Band Of Brothers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
The Count of Monte Cristo
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
PowerPuffGirls(the Original series ONLY)
Working on the game project "Wings Of Dawn". Sorry that I don't have much time to draw anything else... Still I miss you guys. Plz feel free to check on this new game!
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“You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore, before you decide to be happy.”—— Jane the "Nightbirde" The same age, the same agony, the same emotions, I feel your soul. Life took you, spared me. Sorry for knowing you too late, but I shall carry your spirit with me, till my end. I'll make the life worthy, I'll make everyone feel the heat of your song and your soul, they will see the most beautiful bird came from the above, and then, they will be the bird, just like you.
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Giving your creation a "soul" then it can be "alive". I haven't seen nice stories and "real" characters for long time… Most creators nowadays seems be more focusing on simply pouring so many self desires into their characters instead of the soul. Like their creations are just tools so they can fuck someone they like in the story… I don't judge ppl for doing it cuz it's not wrong, I just want to feel more from creators and their creations… like: life spirit and everything else? Even the movies are so bad and boring in recent years… Everything is full of shallow thoughts and pretending to be deep… Fake, just fake, not even illutions or dreams… WHY?! HOW??? Why it feels like the pools of creations are drying up? Let me see more sparks of human spirits like those good old classic things please!
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Thanks for the Llama!! Fox emoji - hearts


Hello again, Kaithel. First of all, how are you in these trying times?

Second, I know you don't do requests, but do you do commissions?

If not then you can ignore what I wrote just above me and have a nice year :).

If you do, do I type my explanation in a specific post of yours or is it ok if I write it in the "Profile Comments" section?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, thank you for your caring, I’m doing all ok for now 😂 kinda busy but still alive. Yes I still do commission but only not complexed ones, like mostly one or two person with no background request, also I don’t do 18+ things, I will select before I accept, cuz I still don’t have much energies to go. You can send me note about your opinion first

Well, first, the commission isn't gonna be 18+, so don't worry about it.

Second, I might as well explain fully what my commission is so you can decide for yourself (spoiler alert, it's 3 characters):

Basically, the Rowdyruff Boys will be posing in the following poses. Just so you'll understand here's an example with text so you won't get confused:

*Rowdyruff boy name*

Down Arrow


Here they are:


Down Arrow

20220221111331 1


Down Arrow

20220221105625 1


Down Arrow

20220221104514 1

Important notes:

Where the characters look:

The Rowdyruff Boys will be facing forward (they look at the deviation viewer).


Brick will be in the middle,

Boomer to his right (to the left of the viewer),

and Butch to his left (to the right of the viewer).

The boys are horizontally and vertically equal to each other and are not floating (they're standing).

Visual effects:

Boomer's bat will be electrical (literally made of lightning), and in his other hand, at its end, (the one that's not holding the bat) will literally be lightning; its size depends on how much it covers Boomer. Make it big, but not too big so it covers just a portion of his body and his hand.

The color of the lightning will mostly be yellow with some spots of light-blue.

It doesn't have to be effects from a different program; it can be just a drawing of lightning.


Just enough of a touch to differentiate the body parts if some of them appear together and or not clearly. But if you can make it in plain colors instead, so make it that way please.


Their expressions will be that they're frowning with some exceptions:

Brick will be smiling backwards but not grinning. In short, like this:


Boomer will be smiling backwards and grinning. In short, like this:


However, Butch will be actually smiling and grinning. In short, like this (except for the eye parts here):

*Remember, Butch is also frowning.

pokemon gif gengar


The Rowdyruff Boys will stay the same with the newer official design of them (Brick's long hair, Boomer's more carefree hair, and Butch's spikey hair). Just to make sure you understand, they're kids and not teens. Oh, and the art style is form the original show.

However, Brick will have 1 change to him:

A little bit of his front hair will peak out of the hat's forehead hole instead of it being bald, and only from there.

And that's it!

Just let me know if you accept this commission, how, how much, and when to pay you.

Thank you in advance :).

Plz send me a note of these, I couldn't see the rest part it's bugged....

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Happy First Month of Spring.