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My Body Is My Own
My Body
Is not my own
Like a keyboard laid out before you, you play me. So delicate, soft; beautiful. Your manipulative fingers pull me to dance to your tune, away from that of my own. You bend and twist my will, tearing up my beliefs and my dignity; I am shredded before you, ready for you to mould me into something of your own creation.
Your puppeteer fingers pull at my strings, and I dance. It is not my dance, not my body. My dance is of eternity and beauty, of freedom and simplicity. Love. My dance is of love. Such innocence does not meet your approval, oh no. You scooped me from the shelf and reprogrammed me to suit your own desires. I sway my body in seduction, because that's what you like, isn't it? And if I tug an arm away from your control you set me down and walk away, leaving me in the dark theatre of nothingness. You lead me to believe that I shall be in eternal loneliness, and I pine for you, cry for you. I pine for you to play with me once more, if onl
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I Would Rather Be Ignorant
Tell me a little white lie.
My body feels too heavy for me to lift myself up, and so I continue to sink in this pit of scorching tar that burns my body raw. My essence peels away and I am laid bare before you, my walls melted down by your burning hot glare and I am breaking before you. I am turning into charcoal and crumbling into black dust that stains your toes as you scuff them through the remains of my blistered heart.
Must you be so cruel to me?
I swim in the glorious lake of your person, the sunshine and the bright colors lulling me into believing that I have the strength to swim deep into you. But oh no, oh no. You have deceived me, for as I wade through the shallow area and begin my breast stroke the undercurrent that is your brutal honesty drags me under and I am drowning. The water pours down my throat and streams through my nostrils and my body is filled with a mouthful of death before I am dragged down deep into the cold and dark waters that is your true intent.
So this is
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There is something crawling inside my skin.  Disgusting little insects that squirm their way through my cold, cold veins.  I itch, I scratch, but they are alive inside me and I cannot get them out.  The scars of my life laid bare before you, the scabs of my despair visible for the keen eye to see.  How observant you are to notice my discomfort.  Fireflies spark across my vision and I am blinded by the confusion of black, white, and black, white.  A snake constricts about my head and squeezes me temporarily insane; oh the pain, the pain.  There is venom numbing my fingertips; venom from the Black Widow herself, spinning her deathly web inside my mouth.  I am numb to your blank stare.  Maybe you are not so observant after all as you look past me and see only the tired eyes and my mouthful of lies.  Look at me, for I am no longer hiding; yet you continue to see only the worst in me. 
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Kateh Mayman
You may contact me at for graphic design and illustrative commissions.

My artwork is inspired and influenced by the novels I read and history itself. I also speak out against human rights issues through my art, particularly women's rights. See if you can spot it.

Current Residence: London ON
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic metal
Favourite style of art: photomanipulation, digital art, watercolour, photography


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