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Hey there. I still continuously get asked by people if they can use X pixel art in Y project of theirs. I almost always say yes (with a few exceptions), provided they aren't going to profit from the use of the artwork in any way. I've decided to formalize this.

I just spent the last hour or so going through almost every single piece of pixel art I've submitted to DA and setting the license to the following:

Creative Commons

Attribution would go to "Kevin Chaloux".

I don't know if anybody will get any real use out of any of this. The majority of things people want to use my artwork for involve games of some kind, and most of my stuff is lacking a complete set of animations to be in any way useful for that kind of project. Nevertheless, if you think it will be helpful, go for it. Here is a complete (?) list of all the things I set to CC:

Ferret Space Pirate
Spacegame Tileset (though I may still use this some day, however unlikely)
Lizard Warrior
Crystal Demon
EGG Shell
Jade Guardian
Old God
Wolf Where?
Odd Taur
Dragon KNight
Weird Thing
Arctic Fox Merchant
RPG Walk Cycle
Skull Plant
Skull Plant Death
Dragon Portrait
Bad Company
Sky Background (This one seems to be especially popular)
Roland Sprite
Dragoon Enemies - Dragon
Dragoon Enemies - Specter
Dragoon Enemies - Knight
With a Staff, I Guess
Jack of Diamonds
Lizardman 2
Doodles on Black
Harmonia on Black
RPG Characters 1
RPG Characters 2
RPG Characters 3
Under the Red Moon
Detail Images
Two More (Detail Images)
Zelda - Hi Def
Attack Animation
Attack Animation 2
Attack Animation 3
Attack Animation 4
Attack Animation 5
Attack Animation 6
Jewel Wyvern
Wizard Portrait
SHMUP Extended Edition
Fungus Lord (Somebody recently requested this one)
Monster Revamp (Possibly useful for a turn-based RPG sort of thing?)
Hero and his Dog
Fields of Harmony
Cosmic Fighter
Palette Practice
Super AA
Shooting Stars
Toc's Tale (This one's a tileset, albeit grayscale)
Beach Parallax 1 (Grayscale background, goes with Toc's Tale)
Beach Parallax 2 (Grayscale background #2, goes with Toc's Tale)
Lord of Gale
Bloated Effigy
Forest Guardian Axohuatl
Jewel Dragon
Conductor (I'm not sure I even remember doing this one...)
Moss Cow
© 2013 - 2023 Kaiseto
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Y'know, this might actually make me get off my lazy butt and finally create a game seeing as I now own a registered copy of Game Maker Studio. Your spriteart is great, and it's actually quite inspiring having a look at them - let alone being able to use them in a project! I can sprite too (it's just that I'm extremely lazy :lol:), so it would be interesting to see what I can add to whatever if I ever get serious about this (and by "serious" I mean making and releasing freeware/non-commercial titles, ala "indie" games).

Hell I might make a platformer/RPG thingy one day. When my life stops being so hectic right now that is, gosh.