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Rumor has it..
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Published: April 13, 2019
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..that Kasa has no idea how to draw her own OCs anymore! :dummy:

But no really, it's been a good two years since I've even bothered picking up my tablet pen for actual art that I feel like I need to re-teach myself how to draw all over again?? I'm so rusty I can feel it, but the good news is I've found a reason for some inspiration again though, so maybe I'll be able to do just that and not just plop a pic or two down then disappear for another century.

I'll try to update with an entire status journal with my plans when I've got more time later, but in the meantime, have an off key Valon as my first attempt at breathing some life back into things here <3
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lillobitaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my lord! You're back! Good glory this makes me so incredibly excited! I hope you're doing well and I hope that you'll find enjoyment once again in sharing art here! If not I understand, however, I truly hope that you've been well the last five years~ :heart: 
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KaiserTigerHobbyist Digital Artist
I’m trying my best to keep my activity up here again anyway! I probably won’t be uploading art at the rate I used to for awhile but I felt bad for up and abandoning everything too, so my art up and dragged me back lmao

It’s been good to be back though so thank you! <3
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Kilia-PhotographyHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh Kasa! So good to have you back!! Seriously been missing your art T_T but I'm glad you've found a reason to draw again <3
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Good to have you back!
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OneLifeRemainingHobbyist General Artist
Hey welcome back!! 
Also the bab looks adorable<3 its giving me cub Valon vibes and i cant even<33
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FallenShandehHobbyist Digital Artist
I've missed your art coming up in my devwatch! <3 
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MidnightZA Digital Artist
wow ur back from the dead XD
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Madam-MetamorphoseHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, an artist who can no longer draw their own OCs just because they've not done so in a while?
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LatteLady17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to see you again! :D
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InTheDappledRainHobbyist Traditional Artist
Avita: :eyes:
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CCWashiHobbyist General Artist
Well what do you know
A familiar face has re-emerged!
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KiireHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness, Kaiser, I'm so happy to see your artwork in my inbox! 8A8 I missed you and your lovely style. I hope that everything is going well on your end! 
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decarbryProfessional Digital Artist
Good to see you around!
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MeanCheenHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness, it's very good to see you around here again!  
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joshbluemacawStudent Filmographer
It's been a while, Kasi. :)
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StaniqsHobbyist Digital Artist
VALON!! <333 Oh man I've missed this guy. I was just rereading our old Fire/Air RP the other night, actually, was thinking of doing some 2019 Scaeden/Valon art ;)  He still looks great...welcome back!
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Nala15Professional Digital Artist
OH MY GOODNESS!!! FIRE!!! :glomp:
Welcome, welcome! It's good to see something from you again! Even if it's just a little sketchy - it's amazing and I love it and it's so good to see something from you!!! HOW'VE YOU BEEN? :squee:

Sorry. ^^;

Seriously, girl, how've you been? I missed you! :hug:
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WolfPawstepsStudent Writer
Still looks lovely and always good to see things from you!
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ahhhh its SO NICE to see your beautiful style again!!!!! <3333 
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KashimusPrimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome back(?) 
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CanyonFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
So good to see art from you again!! :la: This drawing looks really great too, his expression is awesome~ ^^
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notadonkeyStudent Digital Artist
Always good to see your art regardless!! I really love the soft colors you used here, and Valon is looking like the Good Boy he always is!
Hope you’ve been doing well, Kasa c: <33
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Marcella-YoukoHobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh I'm so happy to hear from you again! <33 I hope life has been treating you well!

You're one of my favorite artists and inspirations so I'm more than happy to see more stuff from you! QwQ)9
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NamirithecheepardHobbyist Digital Artist
AAAAHHHH You are back!!! :la: I missed your art so much! ;v; :heart:
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