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Calidius - ref

((Cal's written profile will be updated to the new format soon! Everything below is still accurate but more info will be added))

Species: Tiger (Golden Tabby coloration)

Personality: Fun loving, out going, friendly, likes competition and challenges, focused, hates to loose, ambitious to a fault

Bio: Calidius is a golden tabby tiger from Ice Empire. He's very outgoing, friendly and always enjoys a good challenge. He's determined to prove he's one of Ice Empire's top gladiators and will do anything to protect his fellow empire cats or his leader. Calidius loves to impress and is always willing to show off his skills to anyone willing to watch, especially if they happen to be female. He's also one of the only males in Ice Empire willing to put up with cubs and actually enjoys taking part in their games.

Calidius fights with pure strength. He's best at full out close combat assaults and doesn't rely on speed or stealth to gain advantages over his opponents. Calidius has decent stamina but poor speed compared to most of his empire. Once in battle, Cal becomes hyper focused as if only him and his opponents were the only two on the battle field. He won't stop fighting until his opponents has been thoroughly beaten.

Background: tba

Current Apprentice: Chovoli

Past Apprentices: Rue

Past Mentor(s): None


Mate: Ceres
Cubs: Expecting

:bulletpink: Calidia; twin sister
:bulletblue: Artemus; unknown cousin (Shadow Empire)



:bulletwhite: = Neutral
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Close Friend
:bulletyellow: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love
:bulletred: = Dislike/Hate
:bulletorange: = Family
:bulletblack: = Jealous
:bulletpurple: = Respect

Ice Empire:

:bulletblue:/:bulletpurple: Nedria
"She's the leader of my Empire so all my loyalty remains with her. She always seems to know what's best for all of us and I'll fight to defend her until the end, like all gladiators are expected."

:bulletgreen:/:bulletgreen: Rue
"Rue was my first apprentice and, even though she's moved on to become a full fledged gladiator for Ice Empire, I can't help but to still see her as my student. Ha! I guess I'll have to stop that now, huh? In any case, I see Rue as a close friend now after all we've went through as mentor/apprentice. She'll serve Ice Empire well."

:bulletpink:/:bulletpurple: Ceres
"I have so many things I could say about this tigress but she's completely stolen my heart. I couldn't be happier about the fact she'd choose me over any other male in Ice Empire to pair up with. I promise, with everyone ounce of strength I have, I'll protect her as fiercely as I would my leader or my apprentice.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: Chovoli
"My newest apprentice. This kid's a complete opposite to Rue. He's seems very cautious where as Rue was ready to tackle anything with a smile and open paws, not to mention Chivoli has quiet the mouth on him when he's upset. I'll try my best to teach him everything I know, just like I did Rue. Hopefully he'll warm up to me."

Outside Ice Empire:

:bulletwhite:/:bulletpurple: Valon
"He's Air Empire's leader or something. All I know is that he brought the Empires back from certain death after the long hard winter season so that alone has earned my respect for him."

Empire Statistics:
Empire Points: 31 EP
Stealth: 3
Intelligence: 5
Strength: 10
Defense: 5
Speed: 3
Stamina: 5

Dominant: Tiger stripes [AA], white paws/underbelly [Aa], white tail tip [Aa]

Recessive: green eyes [aa], golden tabby coloration [aa], black stripes [Aa]

Wanted Status:
Not wanted by Bounty Hunters atm


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