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Myokie Barb Class



credits in pic

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I Like this ship too much too not include it in my headcanon & fanfics/games!

I see this as likely developed in the 2290s as the personal project of Admiral Kevin Carroll.

c.2299-2321, 14 ships of the Myokie Barb Class were produced by Kaiser Shipyards, with an additional 14 made by Sarvour Shipyards. The majority of these fine vessels would serve patrols and starbases near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Concurrently, Section 31 used secret shipyards to produce 12 stealth variant battleships, equipped with a cloaking device.

Later, during the Dominion War of 23732375, Section 31 made 36 more of the stealth battleships subclass.

With the formation of the Khitomer Alliance in 2410, the design would be revived and updated by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, for production at Alliance members' shipyards (UFP, Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, Bajor, Cardassian Union, Deferi, Lukari Concordium, and Kentari Union).

Cardassian models had a mix of Phasers and Spiral Wave Disruptors. Klingon models had a mix of Disruptors, Phasers & Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid weapons. Romulan Republic models had a mix of Plasma & Phaser systems.