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Kim Possible Class Battle Carrier for Gunnut51



Shipyard Logo by: Owlor and ChaosSharingan

Based on Starshipdesign work by:


Kim Possible Fan Art included by:


Design Requested by: Gunnut51

Im dedicating this to ILoveKimPossibleAlot cus shes funny and has been going thru a bit of a rough patch this year and hopefully she can bounce back from it all :)


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THIS, THIS, is a better design, than supersizing random ships.

My World of Darkness™ mixed game TrekGate chronicle was most active in the mid-late 1990s, but ran off & on to present day.

It started as a Mage chronicle, one in which one technomancer chantry had made a working Constitution-class starship, the USS Endeavor, inspired as they were by Star Trek.

My players wanted a starship of their own.

But how to get one without a dedicated shipyard? Or a wealth of resources?

The Technocracy, enemies of the Traditions (alliance of 9 magic societies in the game), had been in space for 100 years by the time 'sleepers' put Man on the Moon in 1969.

They had a huge fleet; the Traditions didn't.

My players' crazy plan? Steal it!

They infiltrated a carrier-cruiser hybrid, and managed to eventually commandeer the vessel.

Cannibalizing it, they made a version of the Defiant-class Defiant (Length: 170.7 meters), and the Star Shadow (55? meters), based on the Sea Shadow.

2009. Star Trek.

Year of a Dirty Dozen Enterprises...

I call it that because there was no less than a dozen stated lengths for the reboot Enterprise.

More than that, depending on how one chooses to interpret the badly botched 'scale chart' that got tossed into the Blu-ray...

The 1,500-meter-long Star Destroyer Enterprise was the worst!

Player Characters can't have silly supersized starships.

The Kim Possible-class Battle Carrier?

Not only will i allow it, but in my headcanon now, there could be a dozen or so NPC ships of this class, maybe more!

Did either of you (content creators of this ship) make an in-universe stat sheet with its size, weapons loadout, and other particulars?

Eyeballin' it i can see STTMP/Movie-era Phaser Banks & Mega-Phasers/Heavy Phaser Cannons, and Photon Torpedo Launchers.

Without doing a scaling analysis, i'd put it in the range of 220m to 280m long.

How many Crew & Passengers does it have?

The yellow lights on the side of the Mega-Phasers, are those prototype TNG-style Phaser strips? Or what?

How many Transporters does it have?

Which classes of Shuttles & Fighters does it carry? Runabouts and/or Space Tanks?