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(Battride War Genesis) Kamen Rider Ryuki Pack

UPDATE - fixed the optional item. Please redownload

Here is Kamen Rider Ryuki pack from Battride War Genesis. Use in XPS. Included in this pack:

1. Ryuki's default form and Survive Form.
2. Weapons: Drag Saber, Drag Claw, and two Drag Shields for default form. Also Drag Visor Zwei for Survive Form.
3. His advent monster, Dragreder and Dragranzer. Dragranzer has 3 forms: dragon, bike (default), and bike (final vent).
4. His bike, Ride Shooter, which is also used by Knight in the game.


1. All models are poseable, unused bones are hidden.
2. The fingers are not poseable, but you can choose which hand (fist or palm) to use via optional items.
3. There are also optional items for default form's Drag Visor on his left hand, and Dragvisor Zwei on Survive Form's belt.
4. You can turn on/off the sword vent mode in Drag Visor Zwei via optional item.

If you use this model, please credit me and ESPECIALLY LarsMasters who provided this model. Also, please let me know if there are problems with this model. 

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis from Eighting and Bandai Namco.
© 2016 - 2021 kaiserraiser
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Where can I download it?

I´m intended to make a fan film but your download option marks that it doesn´t exist
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download on the upper-right of this page
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Hi, are these models or textures?
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these are models for XPS use
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:D keep up your good work
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