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Wandering in Grief

Hey look! I had a good excuse to do some personal art! This is an example piece for my "speedpaint" commissions!! They are currently on sale for an introductory price of $70 USD! There's only 8 commission slots left, though, so if you are interested, send me a note or email me at And this is a test-run... these will look better the more I do them. :D And there's always the option to upgrade the speedpaint to a full, refined illustration for another $70 or so later down the road. Woop.

The story around this piece, however, is despite the fact that I am no longer active on the site, I tend to run scenarios revolving around my old Sekkai Fractures RP characters around in my head a lot. They tend to be cruel and tragic, too... for some reason. Poor guys.

Anyway, this is my old Chaos dragon, Liian, and his rider, Rat. I love these guys dearly and want to try to work them into a new world at some point. Aside from that, I recently had this scene in my head that Rat was grievously injured during a scouting mission and went into some sort of coma and was slowly fading away. After years of this and despite his other earthly attachments (like his mate and their offspring), Liian went insane, broke into the infirmary, and cradled his rider to his chest before vanishing into thin air. Decades and decades pass and people catch glimpses of him here and there, his rider still clutched against him so he is forced to walk on his wings. Rumors say that Rat and Liian have merged into a strange, single being, the rider kept alive by the energy and magic of his partner, with the pair's minds slowly melting together. Weird, huh....

Wacom Intuos3, Photoshop CS5
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Really like the style you used withe forest, I like how it melts away.😆🙂
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I forgot you (at least used to) role-play. o:

-totally wants to write with a Kai- FFFFFFFFFF

Beautiful critter <3
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Oh wow. The colors here are fantastic! You've really captured the life of an old swamp with them. I can almost feel the mosquitoes flying around, haha.

Great job with Liian's design! I just love the way you've painted his scales. He's glowing too, which is always a plus. Gotta love dem glowing dargons. :B
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Haha, yes. Thanks!
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Would love to commission you!
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All the cracks are quite fitting, it really looks like he's breaking apart on the outside and the inside as well.
The story was touching, too. Unable to let his rider go, he lost himself...
Together with the picture it's amazing. Makes the story even more powerful!
I adore the dark atmosphere, lighting and the glowing effects on Liian.
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Thank you! I may take the time to write up a proper short story for this.
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So much emotion in this piece, and the color composition is phenomenal. The markings on his face/muzzle make it look like he's crying (which would be fitting!). Very lovely work :)
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Thank you! And I'm glad you caught the crying thing. :)
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unf your speed-paint style is first I thought the dragon was eating/absorbing the person but then I read your little story thinger.
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Absorbing him would be closer to the mark. And thanks! :D
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Such a sad story but in some ways sweet. I really like the story as much as the painting. :D
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This picture is so tragic, but I love it - the story behind it has me feeling all da feelz!!! It sounds like one of those epic myths, and I've always loved a sad story about love and loyalty. You should draw more of these two!
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