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Ho look! I liiiiiiive! A colored sketch commission for the ever-delightful Celeanor of a trio of Pern dragons and their riders! These were individual pieces, but I decided to scale them together and slap them into a single image for ease of viewing. :)

Feels good to finally get some art done...


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Gorgeous, as always. I think the green is my fave. :)
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I loooooove the green.
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oh gosh, you have no idea how much I love your Pern art :heart:
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Nice work, I love the dapples in the green's hide.
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my heart leaps every time you upload more pernese art lol. you were one of my earliest art (and DRoP) inspirations and i absolutely love seeing how much your style has developed. i've always admired how you handle musculature but your wings the past few years have been absolutely incredible!
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I love how you pose the wings, it does so much for the pose as a whole ;3;
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They remind me of Glaedr, Saphira and Fírnen with their Riders from the Inheritance series, which I Love. Great job!
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Well the Inheritance dragons were copied directly from Pern for the most part. Author even said it himself.
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The author (Christopher Paolini) say he was inspired by "Star Wars", and "The Lord of Rings" also. For making the story of his "The Inheritance Cycle" series.
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Wow, so good to see art from you again! I really like the green one on the end, so prettyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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Omgosh! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! They look wonderful Kaiser! Thank you so much!!!!! 
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dragons of pern for the win !
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Good to see some Pern art! It's really hard to find. This is the best rendering I think I've seen of Pern dragons.
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I love Pern, and this is so beautiful! Good job! :)
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I like how you added the fire-lizards
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AAAH The bronze one is gorgeous!
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Your dragon anatomy always kills me ok <3 Someday I'll commission you to draw one of my dragon/rider pairs - though none of them are from Pern xD
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That is a lovely group of very unique-looking Pernese dragons.
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they all look good. ^^
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SO nice to see Pernese dragons out there - Pern was and is somewhere I wanted to live, and if I couldn't actually move there, I was certainly going to spend as much time there in my head as I could. This is gorgeous! I love the green; she's so pretty, look how light on her feet she is! Lots of personality in this and lovely, lovely work overall.

And I think I always like your work when I see it...why have I not followed your work before now? Fixing that...
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