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Sun God

Introducing Aveyl, the patron god of the people of Vesondr, the antagonists of the Aveylian War of the world of Docerae!

He's a bamf. 'Nuff said. It's no wonder the people act like d-bags, thinkin' they have THAT guy backing them.

Anyway, this was a project for school, that I will be entering in the Society of Illustrators competition next year. Super excite.

Not sure exactly how long this took.

Used this lovely stock: [link] :)
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dayyum, that looks like something out of a Greek Legend. Nice work!
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Would it be okay if I were to use a slight edit of this for the Sun God of my world, Seran? It orbits a blue giant, which would necessitate a color filter be placed and nothing more (and of course, credit would be given).
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Since this is for my own personal world and I may be publishing it I would prefer it but be used for this. I do not mean to be rude it anything... :( I greatly appreciate you asking, though.
PerneseWarrior's avatar
I understand! Thanks for a reply, though!
KaiserFlames's avatar
I greatly appreciate your understanding!
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Would love to see more of this guy! and any other gods you have in mind
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Looks like Apollo from DC's The New 52. Awesome. 
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Thats pretty cool :)
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This woman has posted your art on her blog without your permission and without crediting you. Your art is lovely and It should be kept safe.
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Buuuhh. Thank you for letting me know.
Undine-Divine's avatar
You're welcome. I told her it would be best to ask the artist for permission before publisising their work and credit them and she said. "Pfff. Do you know how many pictures I use from DA? Like 4000. I'm not going to go through and ask every person for permission. They should thank me." It kinda POed me. So I felt the need to let the people I could know.
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Yeah, that's a really crappy attitude. If they respond to me like that I will be contacting facebook to have their page shut down.
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If everyone I've contacted does we should be able to send her the proper message that taking art without permission is not okay weather you post a disclaimer or not.
KaiserFlames's avatar
Yeah, I've been tipping people off, when I recognize their art. Disclaimers are not copyright infringement protection, people!
Undine-Divine's avatar
THANK YOU Thats what I told her! Just because you disclaim something does not mean you get to use photos without permission!
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This is incredibly gorgeous *-*
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Featured! Hope you have a fabulous 2013! [link] :iconhappysunplz:
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I didn't ever realize you did this at first.
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Your work has been featured here: [link]
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Definitely awesome. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side! Oh my goodness!
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._. *cling* You make me so happy.
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