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Slender Blue

A completed commission for ~ZeneAmburo of a lovely Pern blue!

Wacom Intuos3, PSCS5
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Great anatomy & I LOVE that color blue! Good job on this 👍
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I ,ove the color blue :3
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Man, that is one awesome blue dragon!! The detail is amazing!! 5 stars!
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Duuuude! This is so COOL. :wow:
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This. This is too awesome.
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Classic Pernese!

The musculature is magnificent. :D
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This is beautiful!
The color, the lighting, the stretch of hide over muscle and bone (especially over the wings), and the fact he actually looks like he *has* muscle and bone that could anatomically work - !
An amazing job. His rider must be *very* proud! =D
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Very very lovely ^^ Only thing I see strange is how far the wing arm on the far wing bends, its much closer to the edge of the wing sail in compairision to the near wing.
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that's very normal, actually
Finally, an excellent picture of a Pern dragon! So many people love these dragons, but there is so little quality art of them. It's gorgeous and I much prefer this look to the 'official' artwork.
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Thank you! That's a pretty huge complement, considering Michael Whelan (the person who did the majority of the Pern novel covers) is one of my inspirations. :)
You deserve it, believe me. What I don't like about much of the offical cover art is the way the heads and forelegs look. The are always so spindly and sunken, it doesn't convey the power of a true dragon.

Have you any thoughts of doing some fire lizards? 8D
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Most of the Pern stuff I post is commission-based, so until I've got the time to do some personal art, prolly not, though I do think the little buggers are super cute and deserve some artsy love. I've done a number of line template commissions for them (in fact, I've done probably near 100 [if not more] pern lines, dragon, wher, and firelizard), but I don't like posting those because people like to steal line-art.
Ach, that is a shame you can't put them up. You can always watermark them, but I, and other artists, feel that ruins the work somewhat. Ah well, I can be patient. ^_^ I've got you on my watch list and eagerly anticipate the coming of the super cute firelizards!

Of all the things in Pern I'd want the most, a firelizard would be it. What's better than having a small dragon on your shoulder?
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That would be pretty sweet, but I do think being able to ride one the size of a small airliner would be pretty freakin' awesome.
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Beautiful...and my favorite of the dragons of pern! That is the one I would want!
I absolutely adore how you depict the Pernese dragons!
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I love the way you make the wings fit in the canvas haha, the coloring is awesome!!
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