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Edit: After critique during class, I realized there were some wonky issues with it. So, here it is all fixed up!

Mmmm.... Anyone remember this guy? Wellll... here he is again, this time set firmly in all of his splendor in the world in which he lives. Along with him is his human companion, Heria kal Naia. I used a school project as an opportunity to finish this, as well as turn the first part of his story, which was written by ~Bloodwater, into a graphic novel! I may post up some pages soon, but this is the wrap-around cover illustration for it.

I am quite proud of this, though I know there are a lot of mistakes. I tend to start full paintings and never finish them, so this is out of the ordinary! Yay!


Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos3

Lo'ksah't is copyright to ~Bloodwater and the world, Docerae, is copyright to both myself and her. No stealing.
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Wow, this looks gorgeous! o.o The lighting is so amazing! *tatally faved*
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the atmosphere is stunning in this.... I love the composition, the DEPTH in a longview(?) like this is so incredible, the way you can make such a vast desert expanse in a narrow frame, oh wow.....
I am not good about leaving comments but I had to stop and say something on this it really is an eye-catching piece.... the way that you've created a whole "world" in one piece, now that's something.....
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This is such a gorgeous piece!
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Thankieeessss. :3
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Very nice lighting, plus cool view of city and sandstorm in the distance.

Anyway, I'm much better at nitpicking than flattering so I guess I'll just fav.
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Oh man, I can't help but just ADORE this piece. The colors are so rich and lovely and perfect for the mood, your composition is simple and effective, and your brush strokes are just enough to get what you want without it looking too loose or overworked. I'm a huge fan of details in the shadows, you've done it perfectly here. There are just so many little pieces of this that make me keep looking and hold my attention and gaze. I could gush forever, it's so wonderful!
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83 Thank you very much!
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From the thumbnail I felt a sense of power from this work and now in full view it just blows me away!
I think the harsh lighting really pulls this off. :heart: Fantastic work. :)
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o_o you gotta show me a thing or 2! :)
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SO amazing!!!!!! i really want to learn how to do sand scenery! lol...but scenery and me don't really match lol! amazing! the dude is my favorite part! he's so believeable(realistic aspect)
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Have you read "Lord of the Changing Winds" by Rachel Neumeier? This piece definitely has some similarities to the world in the book. :)
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Nope, haven't read it. But the world this guy comes from has been extremely detailed and fleshed-out by myself and my writing partner, ~Bloodwater.
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Makes me feel like I'm walking across Arrakis! Fantastic environmental work. :D
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Haha! Thank you!
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You're really strong in your use of color.
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It's so freakin' beautiful :icontearsofmysins:
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My eyes can't handle it.
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I love this picture.
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Wow! I think you've done a great job at getting the atmospheric lighting and fading close to feeling real.
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This is amazing, I love the lighting and perspective...and everything else. XD
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Great Picture!!! I love the colours and the lighting!
I really would run! Sandstormes aren't nice!x,X
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