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Red Dragoness

Yay! More commissions. I don't know too much about this character, but the design was both interesting and a little frustrating to get down. I made it a LOT fancier than I had originally intended because I felt bad for making the commissioner, ~agdragoon, wait so long.... Either way, it looks pretty nice finished.

Enjoy, but this is not for free use! Do not steal it!

PSCS5, Wacom Intuos3, approx. 5 hours.
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Just keep making amazeballs dragon art and I'll keep faving it, all the live long day!

I love the spots on this guy, and I really love the way the tail 'feathers' kinda meld together. I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm not a fan of feathers on dragons -- unless you're the one doing the design of course. I've never seen anyone keep the 'dragon-ness' so totally whole without compromising it with feathers! (Eragon movie BLECH!) And I like this guy's face -- he's got such an attitude and I love it.

Truly, you make more than just dragons. You do characters!
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Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you enjoy my stuff so much. It gives me warm fuzzies. :)
Impossible not to enjoy your work! I assure you, I am only one of many fans! (They're all just silent and lurky, I'll bet. Cowards! Beautiful art deserves to be praised!)
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Haha! Thank you very much, I love getting messages like this! :)
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Kind of reminds me of Phoenix. Very Beautiful.
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I love this desing, i was wondering if I could use the design for my story I am making. It is not that great and probably will not get to much attention. I would cite you and all that i fyou would let me have your permission :D
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I cannot really give that permission, as the appearance of the character depicted here belongs to another person. Perhaps if you contact them?
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I love how you did the tail! Really creative and colorful. :D
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She looks beautiful! Awesome body markings, the details and shading are precise, the anatomy looks great, and I simply love the wings! They are diffirent from the norm...
*super faves*
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she is awesome and beautiful!!
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WOW! This is AMAZING! EPIC! It's just AWESOME!!! The wings and the details and the colors and the wonderful tail! *__*
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That tail is awesome. Great work :)
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Oh wow, she looks great! Her design reminds me a lot of Stitch xD

I love how you drew the wings and fore/hindlegs, especially. Very good!

Great job! Faved!
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LeGasp! A non pernese! :ohnoes:

Nice work :)
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I like the bright red on the wing's leading edge.
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I am so drooling over that tail @.@
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I very like this dragon :) he is very realist !
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i love the tail!
RunawaySpirit's avatar PRETTY :omg:

Excellent coloring, and the design is just so fluid~
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Oooo nice nice <3
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