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Hellooooo! Here is another commission off the docket! A piece for BloodyMoonLady depicting a golden Pernese queen in Flight with bronzes in pursuit! This is actually a scene I've been wanting to depict for some time and I am delighted to finally have been given the chance.


EDIT: Some folks pointed out that the bronze up front was a little too green... while I could see a bronze being that green, it bugged me so I fixed it! Also, I uploaded a larger image because I felt the other was too small. :)

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Ahh, as usual, absolutely gorgeous.
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This is incredible, Kaiser! Your Pern art has always been a delight, and you've improved on it so much throughout the years, but this kind of sprawling landscape and dramatic motion is stuff that could go side by side with a Whelan book cover. All of the tiny details like the audience of dragons and people lingering on the cliff face, the tiny flurry of firelizards, and the stone path up to the weyr are fantastic. I really like the lighting choices, too, the shadow of the cove pops so nicely against the approaching bronze. They do read a bit green to me, I guess, but I think there's a lot of overlap in tones between gold/bronze/brown/green anyway (maybe one of the reasons why I picked a nice, obnoxious blue back when I RPed!) 
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Thank you so much! I admire Whelan's art an incredible amount, so such praise is extremely flattering!
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Great work! :D I loved these books when I was younger. I heard rumors that there are going to be movie adaptations of them in the near future. Not sure when, though. Anyhow, keep it up! This is wonderful.
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I'm waiting on those movies with bated breath... believe me!  And thank you!!
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With my luck it'll be both written by Todd and directed by M. Night Shamalyan.
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Oh God I hope not. Last I heard anything, there was somebody writing the screenplay but that was back in 2014. Hopefully they have more done on it by now.
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And the last thing we need are flying watch-whers and dragon plagues.  Sorry, "they fly because the air is denser at night?" I don't think that even in the snowy wastes, nights on Pern do not get as cold as -278 degrees F, and oxygen tends to condense out of the air at about that point.
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Unffff I have so much love for your dragons. You'd better approve this for the group 'cause I'm slapping this straight into the Featured folder Wow! 
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Haha sure thing!
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"Bandit 2-1 Tango is on approach, prepare to intercept"

Like a biological dogfight... I wander which one is the Aerial Ace here...
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Beautiful! Just amazing! :3
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Love it! Catch me if you can!!
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I think this deserves to be either a wallpaper, or a mural on a wall :)
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That is awesome :)
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Absolutely amazing. <3
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Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.
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I don't even have words to describe how incredibly beautiful this is. I love your Pernese dragons in general, and this pieces is just gorgeous. I also really like the little people standing on the cliff with their fire-lizards. Just such a nice touch.

(I'm seeing this as Ista.)
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