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Pern Dragon Size Chart

Hey there folks, I ask that people refrain from arguing their opinions on this image. This is just my own thoughts on the matter, and I try to respect the opinions of others (I won't judge ya if you want to commission me for a foot-size dragon, for instance). Thanks!

Largest gold = Ramoth
White dragon = Ruth
Grid box = 1 meter high x 1 meter wide

Okay, before anyone jumps down my throat for posting this because of the sudden influx of Pern dragon size charts... I've actually be meaning to do it for some time.

Now, I will hereby defend my preference of the meters size of the Pern dragons. Not only is the thought of such huge creatures awesomely awesome, it's what I soundly believe Ms. McCaffrey herself wants. I have numerous reasons why I believe this is the correct way to view them.

First off is the most blatant. The books themselves, numerous times, state that they're measured in meters, not feet. I don't know who said that McCaffrey said that it was a misprint, but I highly doubt it. Highly. I have an original print of one of the books and it clearly says meters. If it was such a mistake, would not it have been fixed by the time the second edition of the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern came out? What about all of the subsequent reprintings?

Also, see little Ruth down there? He's a little bit taller than a big horse in my image, which is how he was described as being in the actual books. As it stands, he's about 11 meters long here, or, roughly 36 feet from nosetip to tailtip. If the measurements listed in the books are by feet, a green dragon would be at least 11 feet smaller than that tiny little Ruth down there! That's ridiculously tiny. Absolutely inconceivably tiny. There is no way multiple people could ride that thing, maybe not even one person, and I do recall the books mentioning multiple riders on a green dragon. Plus, if it was feet, then Mirrim certainly wouldn't have been mocking Jaxom on Ruth's miniscule stature as her own Path would have been smaller by comparison.

Also, how could Mnementh have created a cage out of his claws to catch Lessa in Dragonflight if he was only 38 feet (a little bigger than the size Ruth is HERE) long? And anyone care to explain how the eye of the aforementioned bronze could have been bigger than Lessa's head if he wasn't enormously huge? I daresay I recall F'lar being darn proud that Lessa wasn't a wee bit scared that Mnementh's eye was bigger than her head when she was scratching his eyeridges. Also note that, in comparison to my dragons here, the little badly-drawn dude under Ramoth has a head that's a wee bit smaller than most of the dragons' eyes!

So yeah, ridiculously huge is ridiculously right in my book and I don't want any arguments in the comments, so please don't be posting them.

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People need to realize that the Author was a British author... all measurements would be in meters and such NOT in the USA standard of feet etc.
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Love the size chart

Poor Ruth. He's barely the size of his mom's head
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The measurements are in meters in the books, though some of them were mis-labeled in feet in the American editions. Anne McCafrey was from Ireland if I recall correctly, so she likely would have used meters. 
IndigoOfTheHeavens's avatar
I was a bit surprised about the green being smaller than the blue since I had thought they were described to be bigger than the blues. I had thought blues were the smallest size, period, until Ruth came around? I'm reading the books right now but unless my assumption made me miss stuff, did they actually say and where did they say that? I'm just confused and curious and I would like to be certain if my visualizations is correct. :)
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Greens are definitely the smallest. I think there's sizes listed in the backs of some of the books.
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Thank you for this.  I have always enjoyed the books myself, and recently joined Evergen.
WolfGuardian2's avatar
I Keep the book a gift a dragons on me at all times i love Pern, my first dragon role plays were all based on these books. Even contacted the auther to confirm things back then.
ShadowNighthunter's avatar
I was only able to read two books from this series, and I loved them! Would like to get my hand on the rest. This is so cool!
KaiserFlames's avatar
They're very good and I highly recommend them! Thank you!
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sorry to ask... but what is pern?
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Hi !

Pern is the third planet in orbit in the Rukbat system. 

But if you want the non-geeky version, that's a reference to a series of books written by Anne Mccaffrey and her son Todd. She won a lot of sci-fi award, and is considered the "first" ;-) mother of dragons.
She basically created the genre named science-fantasy, which link beast like dragons, and hard science like astronomy, bio-engineery, biology... Hell, even computer engineering. The story take place on a earth-colonized world, from the first landing to thousand of years after.

You should check them out, the majority of them are quite good, and I would suggest starting by Dragonflight then Dragonquest. If you don't like these two, chances are great that you won't like the others.

A drawing I did after reading the first one :…
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that sounds awesome
hannahelizabethh's avatar
very informative! thanks :)
KaiserFlames's avatar
You're most welcome!
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Nice scale here, definitely helps to get the sizes of people who dream of having dragon friends to ride around on. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I hear there was a site for rping that stuff? 
KaiserFlames's avatar
Thanks! And there's actually a ton of different Pern RP sites, depending on what kind of setting you're looking for. Evergen Weyr is the site I used to frequent.
PowerGuardRyan92's avatar
Nice, how does it work if you don't mind me asking? :)
KaiserFlames's avatar
Most are done in forum format, so you just write from your characters' point of view. Some sites work differently, though. You'd have to look into it for whatever site you'd want to be a part of.
PowerGuardRyan92's avatar
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A note for those wanting to see it in feet.

A meter is roughly 3 feet. Technically three point something, but I just convert with a solid 3. 

So there you go. No more arguing. :)

Beautifully done by the way~ Beautifully done!
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what color is the reddish dragon? I didnt know there were red dragons in Pern, there's the gold, bronze, brown, blue, green, little white Ruth, but who's the dragon between the blue and brown? I've read all the books, and I agree, bigger is what they are, you did a good job for size comparison.
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The dragons on here are (from big to little) Ramoth, a normal gold, normal bronze, normal brown, normal blue, normal green, and Ruth, of course.
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oh ok gotcha lol wow Ramoth is huge!
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