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Molten Gold

A Dragonriders of Pern commission featuring a gorgeous, beefy, no-nonsense queen! The color scheme on this one was troublesome, let me tell you, but I think she turned out alright! Don't be trying to sneak a peak at her eggs.

Edit: Made her darker as per client direction! So unique and lovely! :D

Enjoy, but please do not use this without permission.

Wacom Intuos3, Photoshop CS5
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I think this is one of my favorite queens. :)
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She is beautiful. Love the darkgold coloring on her.
I agree with Cosplayangel92. Stunning. Hell, I want to bond with her.
GoldenDraco's avatar
Какой же он красавец у вас *_*
KaiserFlames's avatar
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If they ever make the Dragonriders of Pern into a movie,I think that YOU should design the dragons. Whenever I read the books, I always imagine one of the characters riding dragons that look like yours.
KaiserFlames's avatar
Aww! Thank you so much!
Draikar's avatar
You did a beautiful job on her.  I recognized her as a Pern dragon instantly.  Just checked the description to be sure.  :)
KaiserFlames's avatar
Haha, thank you!
Draikar's avatar
You're welcome.  :)
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The wiiiings T^T
codaleia's avatar
She's purely gorgeous :heart:
I think you're the one who's making the most beautiful Dragons of Pern outta here !
KaiserFlames's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! :)
dracoequine's avatar
I see she's holding the queen egg close :)... Beautiful gold
KaiserFlames's avatar
Of course! Thank you!
rachaelm5's avatar
Beautiful work - I like the darker gold on her body.  Also, you do exquisite work on Pernese dragon faces.  I like that there is so much of the equine in them.  (Yes, I remember McCaffrey talking about how her dragons had a lot of horse in them for look and feel; I imagine that influenced a whole lot of artists.  :D)
KaiserFlames's avatar
:D I took that mention of the equine quality of her dragons to heart and really wanted it to show through. Plus, horses are just wonderful critters! Thank you!
GeminiWolf's avatar
amazing! such a unique shade of gold--if you can even call it golden! she looks more ruby than gold, lol. absolutely stunning, as usual.
KaiserFlames's avatar
xD Red-gold indeed! Thanks!
dolphinsong's avatar
Makes me think of antiqued gold ^^
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