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Interdimensional Omlette

Okay, really last freaking minute of me for submitting this. Oops. Please forgive me, commissioners, for working on this instead of your pieces... It was very nice to do something silly and cartoony for once, and I flipping adore this show. Entering the contest was pretty much a given, for me.

Anyway... it was Morty's turn to get supplies for breakfast and Rick, of course, had the great idea of getting the "best eggs in all of the universes" or some crap. He failed to mention the giant, acid-spitting, two-headed, hermaphrodite chicken monsters in this particular dimension, however. Suffice to say it's taking longer to get back than originally intended and Jerry is getting a bit impatient.

Also, two-headed no-butt toads. Courtesy of the very strange imagination of my husband.

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Congrats on third place! 

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an interdimensional two headed cockatrice! :)
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This is Ricktastic! Good Job
Ash-the-black-dragon's avatar
Love the vibrant colours and the look on Morty's face is priceless.
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Awesome!! Wow! Wow! Wow! 
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For a second I thought it was robot chicken.
Steam-Powered-Cyborg's avatar
Them chicken monsters though. 80
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I'm late in saying this, but congrats on getting into the top three!  You did a great job on this. :D
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Congrats for the win! :D
EvelynVictus's avatar
You're welcome! :)
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CrownedDracu's avatar
i meant cockatrice but IDGAF
CrownedDracu's avatar
Cockatrice i mean
CrownedDracu's avatar
O fuk right XD sorry i was tired
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it looks fricking amazing-the action, the style-love it
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