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So here we have it, a piece I have been working on for very nearly a year under the watchful eye of my mentor, Todd Lockwood. This was a requirement of my college for graduation, so it's a pretty big deal.

My life went through a lot of changes during the creation of this piece, some good, but mostly bad. I became a home owner (to a home that needed/needs to be gutted and rebuilt, unfortunately), I flew for the first time to visit one of my best friends in Colorado, I entered into my senior year of college, I had a few pieces published as playbills for a theater in Pitman, NJ. During this time, I also lost my father, which was a very hard hit and set the creation of this back quite a bit.

Finishing this is a great weight lifted off of my shoulders and I am very proud of the result. Mr. Lockwood was a wonderful teacher and very willing to see this turn into something to be proud of. He was patient and understanding, which is something I am more grateful for than he might know. I have entered this (among a few other pieces) into the Society of Illustrators Student Competition, so let's see if anything comes of it!

The story here takes place shortly after the man, Zedrion, and his partner, Avorel, defect from the military of their homeland to pursue a greater cause. They are exploring one of the many caverns to be found in the mountains, following rumors that the location of the rebel faction the Guilded Sun can be found there.

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Love it a lot, the design especially! Great work on the details of the rider and his gryphon!

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Urgh... a fluffy tail. :D
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This is really stunning
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More wonderful lighting. The atmosphere is fantastic.
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;o; This deserves a DD..!!
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Is this from one of your creations or a published story elsewhere? 
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It is from a world a good friend of mine and myself created. :)
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Gorgeous lighting and color, I am so impressed by the brushwork. It's always interesting to hear the stories that go into a painting, and this is certainly no exception...the things we go through while working on a piece can have so much impact on the final outcome. I feel like this piece has a really hopeful atmosphere and feeling to it, perhaps even more so because of the hard things you were going through at the time. Thanks for sharing this work with us, cheers.
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Love this one.  
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That is beautiful, stunning work! I love it! The lighting is fantastic, as is the fur/feather texture of the gryphon. Awesome stuff!
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Wow the lighting is amazing.
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Very beautiful piece. I love how you make the big griffin seem small and look up like that. The lightning and shadows are also well done.
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Jut... just... YESS. :shout: 
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This takes my breath away..... *Stunned.*
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Love this.
Simply everything about it is so vibrant and beautiful. Right down to the details in the Griffens' whiskers in the light \|'3

truly amazing work~!
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