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Conquering the Underling by KaiserFlames Conquering the Underling by KaiserFlames
And then he, protector of the Overworld, came down from on high, riding upon the golden holder of the heavens, to smite the Underling that had so boldly dared to violate the sacred human lands with his frustrating, wasteful ways.

"Lo!" cried he of the Underworld, "I have come to cause confusion! I have come to keep at bay the easy separation of thine sheets! Destruction shall rain as two-ply rolls spin endlessly to their doom upon the lavatory shrines of the humans, forever desecrated and lost, never to complete their purpose and be washed clean in the shining cisterns!" Fire and smoke, lit upon the soft, fibrous souls of those rolls so tainted and wasted by this Underling's words, billowed out from around him.

"Harken to me, foul Underling!" cried the Overling, his voice ringing clear and strong, "Never again shall the human's howls of disgruntlement sound out to your victory! Nor shall my brethren be wasted upon the tiled floors of their shrines, tossed away and trapped in those abhorrent waste recepticles. For now is the time that you shall finally pay for those crimes! Pray forgiveness, demon of the Underworld, for your end is nigh!" Clarion trumpets sounded as rays of the Overworld's light burst down from a colorfully clouded sky, overwhelming and diminishing the Underling's fire and smoke. Cries of shame and defeat wafted upward as he disintigrated, his fibers seemingly of the cheapest, most lowly and uncomfortable stock.

Songs of rejoicing sounded as the final remnants of the hated Underling passed into nothingness. "Let there be joy and peace, for our enemy has been laid low. May the Overworld forever reign!" cried the savior of those whose sheets would evermore drape gallantly over from above.

_ ___ _____ _______ _____ ___ _


So, not gonna lie, this was loads of fun. Loads. Boatloads, even BUTTloads, if you will.

I loved the theme that this contest and that it was so wide, giving me the option of totally running away with it. I've been having a really crappy time of late and, frankly, am sick of seeing so much serious, morose stuff, both on deviantART and in my own life. Thusly, my own entry is laced with much humor, a kind of respite from the dark travesties this world is so adept at throwing in faces.

I can honestly say that one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is seeing toilet paper going UNDER the holder instead of OVER it. Some of my watchers can attest to this, having seen the polls I've done regarding it. It's a big pain in the rear (almost literally!). I have the bad habit of actually changing it at other folk's houses if I see it.... Perhaps over-stepping bounds a bit, but I usually assume those certain persons either don't care, or haven't been shown the proper method of arranging one's bathroom tissue.

I hope I do well in the contest, but good luck to everyone else who enters, as well! If you like it, be sure to stick around for that fancy community choice doohicky. :ohnoes:

Ver. 2!
I felt this needed a revamping so I took it back into Photoshop and, with the help of a few delightful Ustreamers, got it looking MUCH better. Some changes include more vibrant colors, higher contrast, and some fancy texturing via the brushes I used to rework it and whatnot. Enjoy!

Edit: So the contest has ended and, once again, those in charge of judging have proven to have very little consideration on the actual criteria for judging. It is not so much that my piece didn't win, it is that the stuff that DID win was extremely clichéd. I thought one of the criteria was originality? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Such disappointment.
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First off, this is awesome! I love seeing serious subjects played with ^^

Here are my suggestions: What I noticed first was the lighting; mainly that the evil toilet paper is in a pit of fire, but the lighting doesn't quite match up to the environment to me. I can see where you were going with the bright corners on the dark roll, with the wings blocking the firelight. I think the contrast is a little too sharp though, and it might look better if there was some ambient light showing through the wing membrane.

Same idea with the holy toilet paper roll. Maybe brighten some of the outer wing feathers to show light showing through them, and add some brighter shine on the holder.

Overall, you had the right idea; just go a little farther with it and see how it looks.
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45 out of 45 deviants thought this was fair.

My first thought upon seeing the thumbnail of this in the contest entries was, "Is that... a roll of toilet paper?" In a sea of entries having to do with red, blue, black, white, fire, light, angels, devils, and other typical Good vs. Evil symbols, yours stood out. Plainly. I couldn't help but click. Not to knock the other entries -- they're technically stunning, and very well-done -- but the concepts and subject matter among many of them weren't exactly new or unique. I really enjoyed reading about the inspiration for this piece, and I really think you've achieved what you were going for: a humorous interpretation of the theme.

I do have a little bit of a problem with the evil roll of toilet paper. It didn't quite strike me as being a roll of toilet paper in thumbnail view, and it still didn't when I took a closer look at it. It actually looks a little more like a cylinder of wood. I think this is because unlike the good roll of toilet paper it doesn't have the distinctive imprint toilet paper often has, or even the little cut lines that toilet paper has. And while I must agree that toilet paper without the cut line is the most evil toilet paper of all (not only is this type of toilet paper relatively uncomfortable to wipe with, but it never EVER cuts, even if you yank it against the dispenser) it's kind of hard to recognize as toilet paper -- especially since it's really not the right size of roll for that kind of toilet paper.

I agree with the other critic's advice on lighting. I'd say look at the edge around the good toilet paper's wings especially -- it feels a little harsh to me.

I love how the evil tp's wings seem to be burning slowly with tiny embers on the edges. It's a very nice, subtle detail to see. I also really enjoy the way the good toilet paper shoots out of heaven. The infinite stretch of the holder and the way it seems to move at a quick pace really boosts the comedic factor of the work. I mean, a roll of tp with wings is ridiculous enough, but having it fly out of the sky so quickly like that just makes it hilarious.

This is truly awesome, and again, I can't emphasize enough how happy I am to see this original, very funny interpretation of the theme. Good luck!
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MoonLight17nmg Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
lol!!!Toilet Paper Advice 
arikla Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While I know this isn't one of your newest pieces (which are awesome) this is great! Spot on an wonderful!
capheind Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
This work embodies exactly how I feel every time I see paper hung in the heathen fashion. I'm a big guy, which means that in a small bathroom reaching improperly  hung paper is an act of extreme contortion. 
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hahaha! Yeah, I definitely understand that.
Flaming-Lambo Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This beats the hell out of the tye dye TP they sell at the Saturday Market in Eugene...
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Quavera-Tava Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Yes, the overlings have conquered this battle of the latrine war once again! :D
Chronozon Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The battle of over vs. under rolls continues on!
ilovecher Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
Skreemz Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
holy, and unholy, crap!
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Imolderthan18 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010
Hahaha Awesome!! Great work and very original!!!
shadowkeepernoir Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it! Very original concept. Found it browsing for somthing else, I stopped and had to look. Thank you
cloudskimmer Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010

Ok, that's just random.
RunawaySpirit Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
When I saw this, my first reaction was:
"What the that -toilet paper-?!"
I burst into loud, loud laughter. And continued it for some time. Then I read the 'story' behind it, and laughed some more.
This is just so incredibly well done, so imaginative, and personifies 'creativity' to me. I mean, toilet papers made so awesome?
I can now say I have seen everything. And I enjoyed it. Why this didn't win, I'll never know.
Tirrathee Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hi-la-rious! Personally, I don't care if the paper goes under orover the holder, so I believe you would get irritated at my house from time to time. XD

Extra-cool is your interpretation and so is the picture itself! :clap: Instant fav!
Qwiven Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010
Awesome, and so true!
At our school in one of the buildings the toilet roll holder is too small for the toilet it never works properly! So frustrating!
Dragonborn-Rio Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
Earl-Graey Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist

I am greatly amused, and approve of this immensly:thumbsup:
Flamingowithgloves Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010
If I could give you an award for being awesome, I would! Man, that description made me fall off my chair XD and the fact that the style is so realistic makes it even more hilarious! XD
BlackMage339 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Best Artists's Comment ever XD It alsmost had me fall out my seat! XD And there's so much detail as well, especially in the wings!
HikariOkami Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
I saw a lot of deviations for that contest, but none were as original as yours. I like over better than under, too. The paper on that under role looks really painfull!
Atomicablaze36 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
This is amazing! You should have entered it in that good vs evil contest!
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I did.
Atomicablaze36 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
oh...ok then lol
fantasi-dragen Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009
wow.. thats something new.... XD
admiral-squee Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009
Hilarious, true, and well done. I lol'd.
doodlingdork Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009
i love this but it would have been hilarious if the evil toilet paper roll was the empty toilet paper roll. ^^
darchiel Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
This is just amazing in it's creativity! Gave me a good laugh this morning. :-)

My pet peeve - going into the bathroom and finding nothing but the empty shell of a roll, especially when there's a few rolls sitting right new to it.
pinkXhippo Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2009
This is absolutely fantastic!
FoxWingDrgn Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm disappointed that this didn't win. T_T
I don't agree that dragons fighting is an original and creative idea ... Unlike the epic battle of the toilet paper rolls. ^_^
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah. I was extremely angry about that. Extremely.
Nilecila Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009   Traditional Artist amazing, so epic...the colors, the technique...

and yet it is toilet paper.

Oh my word, Your ability to actually pull this off shows your skill -__-
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you
RocCenere Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, yes. This is just full of WIN and GOLD.

Awesome. Over is clearly the better preference.
Inghelene Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh shit ._.
night4kuma Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
That is epic, such a creative idea, I LOVE IT! Hilarious story to go along with it^^
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Fearythemas Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009
Would the Overling also be scented like roses or lavender?
This is too funny XD
BloodiedGypsy Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
LMFAO!! that is so funny, i do that too! Glad I'm not the only one...and the artwork is great to boot.
2204kay Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
Hehe. Toilet paper.
Devkyu Featured By Owner May 31, 2009  Professional General Artist
I want this poster sized so I can hang it in my bathroom.
KaiserFlames Featured By Owner May 31, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
xD If I don't win anything I plan on making it a print. ;D
Lalisana Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
You are right, the paper going under is evil. I change it too on occassion. You have my full support on your quest.
Silver-Falcon Featured By Owner May 30, 2009   Digital Artist
Too bad this didn't get further in the contest. The idea is funny and the execution is beautiful. I love the way you painted the wings, especially the angelic wings (those suckers are hard to do).

I have to disagree with you on the under-the-roll/over-the-roll idea. If the paper goes under the roll, and you pull too much, it's easy to give the roll a spin (towards you and down, which always seemed a more natural motion) to retract the paper. :D
pixiemotionpotion Featured By Owner May 30, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
go the toilet paper roll idea!! hahahaha so awesome :D
AlexisUnderwoodArts Featured By Owner May 30, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I am mad you didn't make it
MeredithDillman Featured By Owner May 30, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Aaaah this entry made me laugh :)
RooCat Featured By Owner May 30, 2009
luinathiel Featured By Owner May 30, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
This is just epic win :XD: Perfect method for catching someone's eye! I had to ask my brother to confirm that it was what it looked like, I didn't really believe myself :XD: Toilet paper ftw
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