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A commission for NinjaWerewolves of a delightful Pernese blue dragon, Malforenth! I love his color and his massive wings.

Enjoy, but please do not use without permission.

Wacom Intuos3, Photoshop CS5
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I love the pose dynamics, it's so candid. 
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Out of all your dragons your Pernese are my favorites. They are so loyal to the illustrations I remember seeing on the books as a kid its like seeing those fantastical book covers again for the first time and getting me all excited about reading.


Do you still do any livestreaming of your painting? I love to watch you work on these masterpieces.
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Hey there! Sorry for the delayed response, busy! Thanks for your thoughts! I do some livestreaming every once in a while, but my computer is getting a bit old and worn and the service really has been taking a toll on it lately, hence the recent lack. I'm hoping to get a new tower built at some point, but I'm not sure how fast that will become feasible... I'll be sure to post online when I do, though!
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Gorgeous! I love your Pernese dragon designs, and the expression on this one is just wonderful!
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As soon as I saw this I thought, dragon from Pern maybe? I love that series! Blue Malforenth looks so awesome!
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awwww Pretty Malforenth ! So glad to see him under your tablet pen >w<
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Gosh he looks beautiful! His color really pops and I adore the cheerful expression. Thanks so much!
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Thanks for being so patient! I'm really happy you like him so much! :)
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really great pic :)
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Do you think you can do a WIP?
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Unfortunately I don't have any progress shots of this one. :(
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what a gorgeous shade of blue!  I love the way you suggest texture on the wings.
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Aaahh! I love it! I know Kira will too! <3
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Excellent dragon!  You have great visual style!

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Love it when you do blue dragons!
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I love all the colors... but the blues always end up so lovely... :3
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Indeed. Evidence by my username, I'm obviously biased to the blues, but I love all the colors, too.
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