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Vader and his Dark Apprentice

Darth Vader and his evil Starkiller clone.

The Force Unleashed II. Made it as a background for laptop.

November 4, 2010
Title edited after playing the game.

"Vader and evil Starkiller" to "Vader and his Dark Apprentice"
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There not evil :(
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awesome. Two Badasses. Coming to a theater near you! XD
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This is how it should've been
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i didn't get it, so when he said he lied about the cloning process, he meant that you were really starkiller but made another perfect copy which was bad
I think what he meant was that the player was not the only successful clone.
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yea i did some research after i posted that and got that answer too, so i wonder if the real one died and they just used dna or if he's really out there, but its weird that they could only make 1 perfect clone (as the bad one might not exist in the good ending universe), wonder if the real one will be in the next game if they make it and if he'll be stronger
Apparently, when you finish the game, you unlock a video which shows the story behind the evil clone. At some point, we see the dead body of what appears to be the real Galen Marek. So yeah, it seems the two other guys are just clones.

If you want to watch it, you can find it here: [link]

Now the question is: what happened to the evil clone in the Light Side ending?
He was perhaps supposed to be a boss in TFU III before the game got cancelled.
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yea just unlocked the storyline today after the challenges, are you sure that he was dead in that clip, or just like in a coma or sedated or w/e. And thats what makes me think if he existed in the light side ending of the game and if so, why he didn't help vader. Possibly since he said he'll wait till the time is right and since they weren't gonna kill vader there was no need to expose himself and remained in the shadows with his stealth device
Yes, I think the real Galen Marek is dead. Palpatine would have felt it through the Force if he were still alive. Also what would be the point of having 3 Galen Mareks at the same time?

As for the Light Side ending, I suppose that the evil clone was present but did not reveal himself as Vader requested (in the video he says: "Do not strike until you are needed."). Since the evil clone did not move, I imagine Vader's capture was intended by the Sith lord.

Also, if I remember correctly, they're taking Vader to the rebel base on Dantooine. However, in A New Hope, Vader apparently doesn't know that there's an enemy base on that planet. That means they probably never reached Dantooine.
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Thats what I thought about dantooine, you think palpatine actually knows about this clone, or that juno knows its a clone
I don't know but that's a good question. From the first game, we know that Juno is aware of Galen's death, so I suppose she understood that the "reborn" Starkiller is just a clone.

As for Palpatine, I have no idea. Vader's plan to overthrow the Emperor has apparently not been adressed in this sequel. Also, in the Dark Side ending, the evil clone's mission is just to hunt down the rebel leaders, nothing is said concerning Palpatine.
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totally awesome, really epic = just wounderfull! :love: :woohoo:
I love this pic! :D
Awesome done!
Keep up the awesome work! :love:

Vader 4ever! :D
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The dark side ending for The Force Unleashed II, I presume...
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