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It is so great, you guys. it's great at huge stuff because I don't have to zoom constantly to get good lines, it's great at small stuff because it understands how to make tiny lines taper properly... it's so great. I wish I'd just bitten the bullet and learned it years ago. Kiwi Day N would have benefited that's for sure.
You should all get it too. It's cheap as bazoobs especially when it's on sale which is often.
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And anonymously at that. Youuu, I'm throwing hugs at you anyway.

Uhh, journal.. uh.. I'm getting a few more commissions lately, so that's good.
I'm trying to finish up my webcomic in the next year or so but it's retaliating by slowing down.
I don't know what else to talk about
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Hooraayy there were links to my shit under the -ColdFusion- name, in various parts of the interbutts, that were 404ing... but somehow they've fixed that so it redirects. That's good. I'd thank them but, like, DA never told me about it, they just did it.

hey I'm still taking commissions you guys.
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Booo. I miss Seattle. But it was expensive.
I'm still hella broke, so please give me money on my Patreon 
I mean if you want to. I still have no idea what to do with it, but anyone who donates anything gets to tell me what to do and what to put on it.
Otherwise, heyyy! Commissions! I do those. You guys know that. You should pay me to draw stuff.
Email for that is sixsidedsapphire at hotmail dot com
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So I made a Patreon finally!   I have no idea what exactly to do with it. I do such a variety of things.
What finally got me to do it is it looks like I might be in financial trouble. Taxes, pretty necessary eye surgery, and poor pay from my job have all converged at once.. and I'm freaking out a bit. Very soon I'm going to have to make a serious decision about really getting going on my freelance voiceover or getting a real job (which would pretty much destroy me I'm ashamed to say).
So everybody pray for me and gimme suggestions. I know I have untapped moneymaking potential, I just also know I'm no good at self-promotion, entrepreneurship, basically anything but sitting and doing as I'm told.

UPDATE: Actually I'm straight up unemployed now.. Except that I DID sign up with an agency and am doing voiceover professionally! I mean.. I haven't actually gotten a gig yet, but I've auditioned!
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I keep hearing people being surprised I do them, or not knowing if I'm still doing 'em.. Yeah i could use the cash.
I guess I'm just reluctant to set up some kind of official thing saying "this for this price" when each thing is totally unique. I can give you a quote once you describe what you want, but it's hard to say "er somewhere between 15-20 bucks for a normal fully colored one character thing.. less if theyre naked, more if they have ornate clothes or some complicated background".. kind of shit. I don't wanna be held to that. (That and I'm not sure if maybe I should be charging more)
But I mean... fuck, there's nothing I won't draw, as long as you promise not to share the really embarrassing stuff.
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Sully Quad by Kairu-Hakubi Cat Customs by Kairu-Hakubi
  Me Pettin Sully by Kairu-Hakubi Me on the Couch with my Cat by Kairu-Hakubi 
He made it to 16. That's pretty good!
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Nice job DA. I never thought you'd top the last fuckup, but this has to be a new one.
So you know how every so often they have a glitch where hyphen-starting usernames won't display? This time they're refusing to fix it, and after jerking me around in customer service for a while, they actually let me know that redirecting for my new username is not going to work. So.. everyplace my art was ever linked.. will no longer work.. And there's nothing I can do about it.
When the hell are we going to get a rival art site that lets you transfer all your stuff over from DA? I would go there in a heartbeat.
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So I've been wanting to do this project for a while and I've just gotten some good feedback on the concept..
I want to make like a .. blog I guess?  sort of 'profiles' for all the species of mythological creatures that i draw, with blurbs about important stuff and how they fit into my mythos.. er.. Y'know..
What hosting service could do that? I don't know what kind of layouts they offer but I rarely see a 'blog' that has, like, a homepage with updates, a navigation bar with links to the different sections..  and that's how I'd want it.. plus a long list of all the monsters with just a few of them as links, but more to come.. give people a taste that way.
Has anyone done/seen this kind of thing before, and could give me some tips?
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It's the best tomato sauce, I don't care how expensive it is.
We should all endeavor to be more like that in our lives..
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I did a cute character thread thingy.

and I like videogames.
and I live in Seattle now like I'm supposed to.
and I have a crock pot. Those are great.
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I just stopped updating the journal for some reason.
Uhh Xenoblade was utterly great and everyone should play it.
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I've been playing for 7 hours and haven't even left home yet.. there's THAT much to run around and look at, and people to talk to..  and islands in the sky to fly to..
(and a few minor gripes about slow text scrolling, buuut..)
if anyone actually reads my comic they'll be sad it's updating late as a result..
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I know I should be doing awesome robots and monsters and things that take lots of work, but dammit this is just too fun!
The fact that it's giving me tons and tons of favorites is irrelevant..
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I've wanted a blue soda my whole life.. and it's finally here.. and it tastes exactly like blue raspberry blow-pops..
I know it's going to disappear in 5 seconds so I bought two 12-packs..…;<-- a picture.
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people who don't read my comic, hopefully this will convince you to give it a look, even though it has very little to do with it and basically :iconzxel: wrote this awesome song so I slapped together a video with her character.
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I get that maybe it was overused at some point, but... it's nice :D  it looks like how I write. lowercase a shouldn't have that weird thing on top..

Oh and let's all pray for wet people in the Pacific who got rumbled and wet. Worse than usual.
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... But you're so cute.
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When people reupload a deviation because they don't like the comments on it..  ;D
Don't they know how to hide comments?
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How do groups work now anyway? Can you have your stuff featured in a group and not get bombarded with submissions to one? How do you get includled in a grouple? I draw things that belong in grewps.. Or? Yellow?
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