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So Cute A Reggie

By Kairu-Hakubi
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more Twelve Forever fanart. I dunno sometimes I just wanna draw her, she's so dang fantastic. Syle never quite seems to be the same way twice, but... That's cartoon fanart for you.
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cutie!! thats almost Toriyama  esque eyes 
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oh yeah a bit like Lunch now that I look at it XD
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I believe you forgot to draw her shirt...
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Cute to see your take on her, love the warm welcoming smile. :) (Smile) 
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this is ding dang cute
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That's just what I was going for! yay ^_^
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I don't actually know what network that show is on. If its even on one.  I know the basic plot and a few people have opinions on it but I didn't know it was out yet. 

there is an interesting story in the idea of a girl who refuses to grow up.  and if they have a planed end for the series it would be nice to see that episode when she finally does choose to grow up. Or to even see an episode where her friends are growing up and she's not and she's being left out / left behind. Or to see that one special friend who she can't leave behind and has to grow up to stay with. 

its one of those things like Hilda, which I have seen or Camp Camp which left Netflix before I could see it, or Catbug which I never saw, where you some times see the fan art before the show. 
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It's not out yet, only the pilot, but it's been greenlit and they've already significantly changed things twice so we're all a little worried.
Definitely check out the pilot. I empathize with her so much, getting shit on for enjoying toys and having imagination, as if that's somehow childish.
and check out Bravest Warriors too. Catbug alone is worth it
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