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Questri - Agelaeia and Abiadura by Kairu-Hakubi Questri - Agelaeia and Abiadura by Kairu-Hakubi
I drew this one when I was just about like "okay, 8 is enough. That's a good racing roster. but what if... dammit!" and then I had to draw a bunch more. I wanted some manner of huge, imposing bovid. I wasn't sure exactly how bisony to make it, but I decided that NOT having the whole Rocky Dennis bison face leaves more room for grimace and horns, and the more horns, the better. You ever seen an eight-horned bovid before? I bet not. Six is the usual limit.
In the process of making it more interesting, I definitely wanted to give it the thick muscles of those heavily-muscled cows, some aurochs style, a Golden Calf theme (I love using that. I once had this guy who was meant to be the fallen elder god mentioned in some Mortal Kombat lore... well you don't wanna hear about that now, but suffice it to say I invented Frost long before Boon and Tobias did) and something neat with the mane... stormclouds came to me, then I realized I had an electric guy already, so I made it fire. But who could ride an on-fire beasty? I was thinking a golem fella or maybe a half-demon, then I was like aww yeah a SKELETON. then I made it a skeleton demon. Then I made it a girl because bikini armor is really funny on a skeleton. That's Agelaeia. Her axe is also a boomerang! Abiadura is some cursed hell-animal I think.
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March 28
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