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Adventure Gum
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A commission on a pretty familiar theme: role reversal for PB and Finn.
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I'm not that much into AUs either, but role reversal scenarios can be fun. I especially love your take on Adventurer PB, she looks absolutely adorable. Gets faved!
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I on the other hand am into AU's. Kairu-Hakubi did an excellent rendition of my commission.

I would have enjoyed a Jake the Badass Butler, but it was a bit difficult to get that pat down so it's implied.

PB has a full name, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum. Ergo it stands to reason Finn would also use his full name, Prince Finn Mertens. However i can totally see him also going by Prince Human if he had never known or had a last name.

As for Finn de-aging, perhaps being possessed by the Lich caused him to age very rapidly and to fix it PB used magic (or science) to reverse the problem. Of course it went too far. It's entirely possible Finn is king of a human kingdom, so perhaps you have a human earl in place of Lemongrab (The Human Kingdom instead of the Candy Kingdom perhaps?).

Not everything has to be a 100% reversal, PB could still be the Candy Elemental in such an AU. That is if we want to stick with the shows use of the 4 temperments/elements. Could also go by reversing the 4 silly elements of Ooo with 4 conventional ones, water, earth, fire, air. Finn would be a water elemental. But this is really going on a flimsy tangent.

I think its a good sign when a picture tickles your imagination and makes you think. To me that's the defining appeal of Adventure Time, or any show really, how much it makes your imagination run wild.
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1st interesting 
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Given that PB's the only one that doesn't have her species/classification before the royal title, would Finn be Prince Mertins or would he follow the usual theme and be something like Knight Prince? And that means that Jake is his familiar/companion in counterpart to Lady Rainicorn, doesn't it?

Now I'm curious about how being possessed by the Lich would work out, since Bubblegum was temporarily de-aged, but that wouldn't follow the same logic with Finn unless somebody, possibly Minerva or some equivalent, de-aged him so his body could survive by shedding the excess dead tissue. But who would fill in Lemongrab's role? And what about Bonnibel's parents? And given the incident with the primordial elements brought about by Patience, what would Finn's element be? And does that make Marceline the formerly human Ice Queen while Simon is the half-demon child turned Vampire King?

Perhaps I"m reading too much into this... If there were a fic of this AU, I'd definitely read it though.
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Kairu-Hakubi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's a few other "Princess (name)" instead of "(Thing) Princess" but not many. A few of them even seem to go by either one, like Princess Muscles. Good point though.
AUs have a lot of baggage, that's why I tend not to like them that much haha
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