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Me as Red from upcoming game "Transistor" by Supergiant Games. Can't wait to play it, and I'm so crazy that there is no release date atm! :( 
This is one of my favourite costumes, very demanding, and the weapon took a long way to build it properly. 

We shoot in Stary Browar  in Poznań, it's a shopping mall, but iti's sooo beautiful! And it reminds me of cloudbank very much! :D 

me as Red
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What material did you use for the dress? Is it a fake leather? It looks really awesome. :)
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You're amazing *-* Well done! Red <3 
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I love this! Everything is perfect, and so detailed!
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oh you're from poznan, that's where the lantern festival is held right :3
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That Transistor is perfect. That's awesome.
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Amazing! You look gorgeous.
Pretty good job on the dress and the sword ^^
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Man, you must be the talk of the town now.  See you in the country.
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Aaaah awesome cosplay! I started playing this weekend and wanna cosplay Red as well. I probably won't be able to make the Transistor with electronics though, bec I suck at those, but wow! :D this is soooo amazing!
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Wow-- Transistor has been getting fan art and cosplays before it even came out! And this is only Supergiant's second game. Really says a lot about Bastion's success.

Great costume, by the way! You must have put a lot of work into it. I hope the Transistor isn't too heavy
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Yeah how did you make the sword?
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The work on transistor took around 2 months of planning, collecting all the  materials and then finally assembling everything and painting some bits. The core is made out of nice wood, then it’s sourrounded by a box out of acrylic glass(laser-cut) and the ornaments are made of thin plastic sprayed and glued to the surface. The red ‘eye’ and the triangle box are made with worbla, primed and painted. The yellow additions are made with yellow pleather! And of course there’s a lot of electronics inside! :)
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It looks impressive indeed.........What did the electronics do?
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The Transistor talks with 5 different sentences and lights up while talking :) 
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Oh wow sounds quite cool.........  It and you looked awesome.

what's the game like?
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ahhhhh this is fantastic -u-
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that is super cool I like this
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Wow, this is really nice! So many details~ Good job!
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Posted here: TopCosplay :3
If you don't want to share your photo on the page please tell me then I'll remove it :'(
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AAAAA ;_; So incredible that you saw it! D: It's a real honour to me, you did amazing job with all of the designs my lady! And I love love love your batfam related works as well!
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Too awesome to miss! :D No, it is my honor that you would cosplay "my" character... it doesn't even seem real, to be honest ;D! Incredible craftsmanship, and I am like...seriously eyeballing the crap out of the Cassandra Cain hoodie you have in your etsy store >_>. SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO BE $150 poorer!!!!
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aaaah god! ;___; It's like a dream for a cosplayer to hear something like that from an artist of the original character! THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 we have a lot of picture of Red to upload, hope those won't dissapoint you! and thank you for buying cass hoodie! TwT expect a little suprise in the package tough :D 
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This is awesome!!! :iconjenzee: would love this! :D
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