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Gothic Lolita

By kairimei
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It's a Gothic Lolita girl. :P I got bored, so i drew her on the comp. kyuu > <

Open Canvas 1.0
Photoshop CS
Metal Cx's brushes
[yarrzh, the usual]
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DrizzleDaydreamStudent General Artist
Wow! This is the most beautifull Gothic Lolita ive ever seen!
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wow this is amazing ho cool this looks i love the colers u piced and how it looks like u tuck a picuter of this from an anime show or somethinxD :w00t:
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Madi-GascarrHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav !
Questionmark86's avatar
Like it. Alot
Bellcandy's avatar
preeeti & cute <3
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DarkArgentHobbyist General Artist
its pwetty purple :3
porcelain-love's avatar
Oh owo it's so beautiful x3

I love the background... and her hair *-*

great job ^^
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Evil-Angel-666Hobbyist General Artist
she very pretty ^_^ i luff her hair! =) and the boarder is kick ass! luff it! ^_^
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This is absolutely awesome. Great job!! -grins and faves-
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Beautiful masterpiece.
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wow , that looks so awesome , I wish I could do that but I'm stuck with a pen and pencil T.T
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i like it, very gothic.
lilith-angel09's avatar
That is so beautiful!
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My friend gave it to me ^ ^'...kinda...

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How pretty O__O!! Your use of colors is amazing! How do you get it to do that awesome border type thing around the person..?
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The border is just a whole bunch of brushes by Metal CX,

Photoshop CS: made on a different layer that is set to linear dodge. :]

caitsithcaitlin's avatar
You have Photoshop CS too? I didn't know that, isn't it super expensive though? ><
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yeah it is.. >_>

but you can try GIMP, which is just like photoshop but its free.
or, you can get the student version. whcih is alittle cheaper.
caitsithcaitlin's avatar
interesting, I've never heard of GIMP.. :confused:
and if it's free, then there must be a website you would download it from right?
caitsithcaitlin's avatar
why thank you ^^ :glomp:
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muzz-dogg Interface Designer
This is beautiful, i stumbled on it during a random browse, and i'm glad! Very well done!
chunkychunkytofu's avatar
oooh.. pretty. very gothic. very very.

i like your use of the brushes. very foofy.

pfft. im on vacation right now. and my dad didnt let me pack my tablet. :( so im sad. wah. so im drawing with the hotel's ball point pens.
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