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Hello my dear followers!

I wish you a happy, creative and productive 2013!
Lot's of things changed though the last year - first of all, I'm a freelance illustrator now and that means I take any kind of art commissions. So if you want me to draw or paint something for you, feel free to contact me!
Second, I got myself a website: Feel free to check it out!
Third, I also got a facebook page where I do frequent updates:…
I would be really happy if some of you could give me a 'like' there!

I'm really looking forward to this year, lot's of cool projects and hopefully some good opportunities waiting for all of us.

Last but not least, thank you for 'watching' me here. It sure means a lot to me!

Phew, long time no entry here on my little Journal wall.
That's because I spent the last month's working busy at my internship in the games industry. I planned 4 months, but I ended up staying 5 instead, because it was really fun there. A lot of nice people, and a good way to get feedback for art.
I spent a good amount of time there working with Photoshop, and properly learned how to use Flash, too.

But anyway, I didn't have much time to draw (at least personal stuff) during the 5 months, and that's a real bummer. Because you can't really get better, when you don't draw a lot.
Now, I got approximately one month off, and will delve deep into digital art again :) And I'm already working on something that's really enjoyable working on ^_^ (so expect something soon)

So yeah, I hope the next few weeks will help me grow as an artist again and lead me on my long journey to infinite glory :)
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  • Reading: The Hobbit (again)
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Hey everyone,

the last few weeks were very productive and I felt I grew as an artist somehow. At least, I got better with photoshop.
I hope I can keep up my current workload, because the next 4 month I'll spend my time doing an internship in the games industry. I hope to meet a few artists there, too, and gain some professional feedback and hints ;).

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  • Reading: The Dark Tower VII
  • Watching: a few art tutorials :)
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Hey, I just updated my gallery and tried to get it more structured... I hope I succeeded. ;)
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I got my account here for quite a while, but didn't use it that much. I'd like to change that now and released some new artworks.