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Daughter of Valenwood

This is a Bosmer, a Wood Elf, as seen in the Elder Scrolls games. I did a fan art of a Nord Warrior some time ago (here: [link]) and it turned out pretty good. So I decided to do another character from the upcoming Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim.
I remember playing Morrowing with a female Bosmer once, so I decided go with it. She's not a typical Bosmer (who usually use bows, short blades and other stealthy stuff), she's a battlemage, using fire-magic and a long blade.

This picture took very long, but my experiences with the Nord picture helped me a lot. I think I'm just getting used to do these kind of pictures now, but it's still a lot of trouble for me to get things how I want them to look.

Took maybe 40 hours.
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This is a spellsword, battlemages useheavy armor.