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My angel OC Lumin.
She has a twin sister named Duli. Lumin is more serious than her sister, she's an intelectual.

She has 2 halos on her back that are only visible when she's under the moonlight or in dark places. Angels have these bigger halos that are not completely visible most of the times, and so many people through history thought they were a pair of wings.

Angels live in a paralel dimension to human's world, and they coexist with fairies and other beings, who in rare ocasions have contact with human beings. Many people and cultures have created many different myths and interpretations about these beings from the other dimension based on the very few contact they had.

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Lumin [sexy summer bikini] by Kainkout
Duli [sexy summer bikini - Panty mark] by Kainkout  Duli [sexy summer bikini - Tan lines] by Kainkout Duli by Kainkout

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creeperseattokose's avatar
Big and round I like it
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
oh she looks perfect with those glasses :iconinloveplz: She sounds really nice
Hope to see more of her and her sister
JogieTensuke's avatar
I love the gap between the outfits, it really shows off both of her great sides <3
Triplicate-Squid's avatar
Who cares about the bikini version? I want to snuggle the fully-clothed Lumin, she looks so good in glasses.
Fatalizer's avatar
Very nice interpretation of angels and concept of the halo. Does she have any default angel wear or anything? Or she’s usually just casual.
Kainkout's avatar
Thanks. And nope, the thing is that the beings on this other dimension live very normal life and are similar to humans in many ways. So angels don't have a default outfit, they wear casual clothes most of the time.
sonofccn's avatar
I'm seeing double and I'm loving it. XD They both look so very cute!
Kainkout's avatar
Thank you very much
Somvold's avatar
Quite a background story here and amazing job as always especially how both outfits suit her so well otherwise would like to meet her twin sister eventually.
Kainkout's avatar
Thanks. I'll show her sister soon  ; )
Somvold's avatar
Look forward to it and always a pleasure.
goatink's avatar
she looks lovely and cute, really nice work :D
Mi-LordoZ's avatar
For an angel, she has nice assets ^^
You have nice OC's!
Kainkout's avatar
AngelisGoodwen's avatar
Very, very, very, very nice!!!
Nisomaga's avatar
preciosa Lumin
FlareVortex's avatar
Gaahhh she looks amaazziiing~
maxm2317's avatar
Such beauty!  
TheHandofKane's avatar
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