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Bowsette Animated

My first attempt at doing animation. :D

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Sort of similar to gainax bounce or gainaxing, an anime term where where the breasts, chests ( Y ) and buttocks of animated characters flop all over the place (usually female chars). It has been around for decades. I believe in the 80s and 90 or even further than that. You know what I mean, right?

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Just curious. Did you happen to use live2d? Er, i mean xx-cakez. You know that software where you can make images jiggle, shake and bounce like jello or gelatin?

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Forget the pictures eyes follow you around a room!

These do it too.
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very very very cool.
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Dude, all Mario needs is a shrinking mushroom. Then he can get lost in there :b
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Seeing the comments I wonder how much people unzip their pants XD
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You’re welcome! 😁😍 this is going to make your artwork 10 times sexier! 🤤🤤🤤
They look so heavy!
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"That's A-Gay Bowser."
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Quite good for the first attempt indeed.
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Hmm, they keep moving - I'd be happy to hold them still for her :):)

Nice work!
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A good first attempt at animation ^_^ So fun to watch too
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Até que ficou legal. Evidenciou bem os "dotes" dela. ;)
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They're so irresistible. ;) 
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Oh no, Bowsette…. *sigh* unzips pants

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