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27XX Android Police

By Kainkout
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It started as just a practice but I ended up deciding to add more details and do something more... creative.  :D

Her name is AM-B03, or some people just call her Amber.
*The name was suggested by YSolaire

Want an artwork of your favorite characters or original characters?

So check my commissions info here ;D
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wow!!! sexy space girl!!!!!
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Good! And sexy :3
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que traje tan atrevido, me gusta XD
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This is realy good work. Excellent skin tone and shading.
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Woah, another fan of Ryoko! You have good taste for girls, haha.
Thank you.
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Oh no the kink police is cumming! :O
Please officer, me and Vendus were just cuddling! 
Please don't put us in your fluffy handcuffs, and arrest us!! Q//A//Q
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<///////////////////////////> your kink is too strong
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>/////////////>? *nose bleeds*
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This is why I like scifi and fantasy outfits, they can cover as little as possible showing even the entire waist and its lovely lower abdominal curves.
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if i am bad guy
i will surrender myself
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Officer please help me, my heart's been stolen!

Great job on this.
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lol, thank you  ;)
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Please officer protect me :love: She looks awesome. 
I really love her red eyes and that visor is so cool.
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sexy beautiful !  Love 
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Good shading, perfect anatomy, really good, but it really needs a mature filter, seriously, there is barely anything on her. 
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Thank you. Well it's not showing genitals or nipples, so I think it's still allowed as non-mature.
Anyway if the moderation think it's needed I'll turn on the filter. : )
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DA staff cannot go around looking at everything on the site.

There are two inds of mature filters, loose, and strict. Strict is for stuff that shows full on nudity. Loose is for stuff that comes very close to it, and/or shows stuff like camel toe and  impressions of nipples through clothing, which this piece does all three.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude. >~<
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No prob, I'm open to discuss about it.
Hmm... well checking the rules I found this:
  Moderate: Choosing Moderate will mark your work as Mature Content, and deviants who have their mature content filter on will be met with a warning page. They can still choose to view your work, however.
  Strict: Anyone under 18 will not be able to view your work. Keep in mind this does not mean you are allowed to post obscene material such as pornography or other content forbidden under DeviantArt's Terms of Service.
  Nudity: If your work contains nudity, revealing the genitalia of a model or character or revealing a full female breast including nipples, you should assign this tag.

It's not clear what should be considered moderate or strict adult content. But I understand that moderate is just normal nudity (artistic nude, etc), while strict is for sexualized/lewd nudity. Also the rules don't mention semi-naked material.
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