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Soldiers and Sorcerers (Title and Trailer)



The closed beta-testing for Soldiers & Sorcerers: Abolition has begun!

When the second cycle comes around, I'll be accepting  more applicants for the beta test. With any luck, the second beta cycle should begin around April.

In my very early years, I developed in interest in tabletop games. A friend of mine had introduced my brother and I to the original Dungeons & Dragons Red Box. It was all downhill from there ;) I created a very basic, d6-based game that I called "Caves and Creatures." Simply put, it was horrible. What can I say though? I was twelve. Some people may argue otherwise, but that's beside the point. The C&C days were critical to the development of Soldiers & Sorcerers. It was the beginnings of the world that I call Ithma. The world of my game.
My brother was my sounding board; my captive player and audience. Realizing that he was indeed an unwilling audience, I sought to change that. I wanted to change the game into something truly full-fledged, enjoyable, and, well, good. I began work on "Soldiers & Sorcerers: The Role-playing Game."
I drew a small following during lunch at school. Surprisingly enough to me, they enjoyed it.
...and I kept up development.
My budding interest in not just *playing* on computers, but *creating* through them, led to this. On one fateful day, I announced that I would be organizing my whole role-playing world into a form it could only take through a computer.

Soldiers & Sorcerers: Abolition is a medieval-timed fantasy RPG. That's "role-playing game," and not "rocket-propelled grenade," mind you.
It centres on one of the first and greatest cataclysmic events that took place: The Great Fiend-Swell.
At the appearance of Etinozama, the world of Ithma was rocked by a series of terrible upheavals of nature. Cities and people were buried by rising mountains, fried by fierce lightning storms and rampant fires, carried away by the wind, and, worst of all, slaughtered by a tidal wave of monsters. A lone hunter from the north, Leon Amgine, and a knight of Zerva, Blain Regna, banded together. Together, they journeyed to the lair of Etinozama, slew the fiend, and put an end to the Great Fiend-Swell.
One day, Ray Moxley, one of Gamnel City's castle guards, ventured north on an unknown quest. Upon learning of his disappearance, his son gathered what clues he could and pursued the trail...

Do note that this game is NOT a commercial endeavour. This is merely a pet-project that I am doing to develop my abilities and create something fun for other people to enjoy. SSA will, eventually, be unleashed upon the public via the internet... for all to enjoy. <insert maniacal laugh here>


And the game now has its own website!!!
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