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I'm a combined artist, writer and game developer... also Christian, furry, geek, etc.

Most, if not all of what you'll see up here are characters and creatures from my various game projects.
So, please, take off your coat and stay a few secs ;) might find something you like.
Just finished the trailer for Soldiers&Sorcerers! You can find it here or in the description of the "S&S Title" submission! (Yeah, I'm pretty stoked :D )
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A Charred Lump

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In one of my online college courses, and English course, we're doing the usual, boring introductions via forum. Wanting 200+ words on the post, the professor gave us a bunch of questions to answer to help us give other people a grasp of who we are. They were your basic stuff, like: what superpower would you like? What's your major? Give two truths and a lie. That sorta stuff. I decided, however, to be a little unconventional with my answers In fact, you might, you might say I was being a bit of a... deviant ;) The name's Kain Eralf, in case you hadn't seen that listed as the author of this thread. I am a Computer Science major, my hometo
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Being the furry that I am, I've been looking around for a good online community to join, and at one point during my search, I came across the group "Christian Furs." They have a group here on DA, and I saw a comment posted by Link-Tesla. His comment is as follows: Can someone help me out? I can't seem to reconcile being a Christian and a Furry at the same time. I've tried to push it out of my mind, but there's a voice in my head telling me that I can't be both. It tells me, "Your lifestyle is an abomination before God! You claim to be a follower of Christ and yet you revel in your perversion! You deny His creation in you and live in a perver
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Thank you so much for the watch! ^^
:) You're very welcome!
T'was my pleasure :)
I really appreciate the Fave!!
Well hey, Maul's cool, and your portrait of him was excellent. :)
Thanks for the fav =)